Lana Del Rey Wins Against Stalkers

American singer-songwriter Lana Del Rey has testified in court and won a restraining order against two of her alleged stalkers.

Earlier this week, Lana Del Rey’s (Elizabeth Woolridge Grant) peaceful Malibu residence was disturbed by two Russian women “screaming her name” in the middle of the night accompanied by threatening suicidal notes against the singer.

This incident was followed by Del Rey filing a restraining order against the two women since this wasn’t the first time that the pair intruded her private life.

It is said that the singer moved out of her previous home in Los Angeles due to trespassers – including the two women that she has filed complaints against – invading her privacy. She said that “the fans scared me off” as stated in the quotes received by TMZ.

The “most disturbing” thing about this issue, according to Del Rey herself, was that even after moving to a new home, the alleged stalkers still continued to follow her.

In order to put a halt in this very alarming situation concerning her private life and safety, she decided to take action in the form of a restraining order.

Just last Wednesday (January 6), Del Rey testified against her two intruders in court that resulted in a decision made in her favour.

The court has granted the singer a 150-yard restraining order against the pair of alleged stalkers that will last for three years. In addition to this, Del Rey also previously hired bodyguards for additional protection.

Lana Del Rey is known to be sweet and kind towards her fans but extreme times call for extreme measures. It is one thing to scream her name inside a concert hall and another to scream it in front of her house in a quiet neighborhood in the middle of the night.

Another incident like this and she may just be one step closer to re-enacting her “High By The Beach” music video.

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Written by CelebMix