Land-Based vs Online – Which Casino Is Best?

Many players who hit the big time at land-based casinos, fail to replicate this success at online casinos. With online casinos on the rise, in North America and the rest of the world, it begs the question – why are online casinos so much more different than their land-based equivalent? 

Online casinos offer the same games and have live events available as well. If you’re good at poker it doesn’t translate to the same success when moving into the online arena, necessarily. 

But which is better – online casinos or land-based? Let’s take a look to see which one you should be choosing.


The human psyche is an interesting thing – and gambling isn’t exempt from the intricate human way of thinking.

Studies conducted in terms of gambling and human psychology are often done to study the addictive effects of gambling but other interesting phenomena have been uncovered.

In a study conducted in 2016, being in a good mood aided gambling. Land-based casinos offer stimulating lights and sound to elevate the mood of their patrons – which in turn motivates people to part with their cash to play the variety of games on offer.

Card games like poker give players the ability to “read” their opponents to see if they’re bluffing or being truthful in their approach to the hand they’ve been dealt. A great amount of time goes into studying body language so poker players can see what their competitors are concealing.

Going online or going to a place far away

Players who opt for an online casino for their gaming fun don’t get sucked into the glitz and glamour that land-based casinos offer. There aren’t lights and sounds that assault the senses to try and bolster your mood. Instead of having a hawk-eye on other players, you can now focus on your own game.

Games like video slots use the same number generator system for online and land-based casinos. Statistically, you have the same chance of winning with either platform you choose.

Roulette offers no advantage if you’re playing at either land-based or online casinos. Gambler’s fallacy says that if a ball lands on black a few times consecutively, it should go to red for the next one – so you bet on red for the next spin. It’s easy to step into that trap with whichever casino you choose.

Online gaming adds another element that you can’t get with land-based gaming. You can play your favourite games wherever you are. Still in bed? No problem. Waiting for the bus to come? Get your game on!

Departing remarks

The result is clear. The winner is…drum roll please…you.

And we’re not saying that you’re guaranteed to win with your chosen casino game. No, rather, you’re the winner no matter which platform you choose.

Online is convenient and offers the same games that land-based casinos offer. They also have live games to give you a real sense of authenticity.

Land-based gives excitement and anticipation that online can’t beat.

Whichever you choose, you’re a winner. You might even win some money.

Written by Monella