What We Learnt About The Flash Season 4 At SDCC 2017

After an extremely emotional and drama packed season three, season four of The Flash is nearing us with just 74 days to go. San Diego Comic Con’s ‘The Flash’ panel was the place to be for all the latest gossip on its fourth season!

Here’s what we learnt about The Flash, season four:

New version of Wells?

We’ve seen many, many different version of Harrison Wells, all portrayed by Tom Cavanagh phenomenally. If you’re all caught up with The Flash, you will know that his latest persona of Harrison Wells was sadly killed off, leaving us with the ‘original’ Harrison Wells (Jesse Quick’s father) that we all met in season one. Will he come back to join Team Flash? Or will we have another completely different Harrison Wells becoming part of the team? We’ll have to wait and see!

New villains

Whilst we don’t know who exactly the new villain is, we know that Barry may be the fastest man alive, but this villain is the fastest mind alive. The theme of this season will be fastest man alive VS fastest mind alive and we’re so intrigued to find out more about this!

A lighter season

Let’s be real, season 3 was a big bag of drama and emotions. We had a whole lot of Barry and Iris drama, Iris’ possible near death, Harrison Wells getting killed off instead of Iris, Caitlin becoming Killer Frost, Savitar who is a darker and messed up version of the Barry Allen we all know, and just so much more. It was an insane season! The cast have said that this season will be much lighter and we can see how that’s possible, being as it will most likely focus on Team Flash saving Barry, however, we don’t doubt that they’ll somehow manage to tug at our heart strings.

More crossovers

When asked if more crossovers would be happening, Grant Gustin replied in a split second with the answer “yes”. They didn’t reveal who they would be crossing over with, however, we can guess that the Arrow, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and maybe even the new CW show Black Lightening, could possibly have some type of role once again with the crossovers. We look forward to finding out!

Iris becomes the boss lady of ‘Team Flash’

With Barry now trapped in the speed force, he is no longer available to lead Team Flash, so who better than his fiance to take on the role? Iris may be the newest member of Team Flash, but she certainly knows how to take control and we believe that she’ll be an amazing boss lady for the team. If anyone’s going to want to do everything to get Barry back, it’s definitely going to be Iris and we don’t doubt her for a second that she’s going to make this team work incredibly hard to save her man. Go girl power!

No time travelling in season 4

When asked about how on earth the time travelling in season three worked, the cast didn’t even want to go into it and Candice joked saying, “let it go girl”. The panel did say however, that season four would contain NO time travelling at all, whether they meant it or were just tricking us, that is still a mystery. We could definitely do with a time travelling break though, it’s mind frazzling!

Gypsy’s father will be making an appearance

It looks like Cisco’s about to meet his future father-in-law, as Gypsy’s father will be making his very first appearance, portrayed by Hollywood’s finest, Danny Trejo.

So that’s everything we learnt at this year’s San Diego Comic Con for season 4 of The Flash! Are you excited about the news? Let us know by tweeting us over at @CelebMix!

Written by ShelbyAmess

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