Lee Sora releases “Song Request”, featuring Suga

As music lovers, we have been fortunate to witness timeless pieces. There are artists we wait for, the ones whose popularity is timeless. Lee Sora and Epik High are two such artists. With over a decade of experience, both Epik High and Lee Sora have produced memorable tracks in their respective genres. The latter’s album Nunsseopdal has even been included as the 100 greatest albums.

When such artists collaboate for a track or a project, it’s no longer a battle of streams, hunger for downloads, or yearning for popularity. It’s the moment of sheer bliss, a moment when the focus is entirely on the musical output.

Today, Lee Sora released the music video for her single “Song Request”, featuring Suga.

Suga is one of the rappers from the South Korean boy group BTS. As an artist, Suga’s identity goes beyond rapping. As a lyricist and a class composer, his word play, colloquialism, depth of the subject matter (in his lyrics) and a sheer habit of experimenting with new sounds have earned him a great reputation amongst BTS’ fans. He’s been credited as the creator of some of the best songs released by the septet.

Lee Sora’s single is set to become a sweet excuse for fans of all the three artists to enjoy a good track together.

“Song Request” is a melancholic single written by Tablo (Epik High) and Suga and produced by Tablo and DEE.P. Featuring Sora’s soothing vocals, the song narrates the pain of an individual who resorts to a radio to escape her loneliness. As she finds her life being resonated with the story narrated on the radio, she requests music that will help ease her pain. Suga’s verse personifies the radio as he talks about the various roles “it” plays for the listener.

Sora’s pacifying vocals give a vintage vibe to the ballad. Musically, it poses itself as a contrast to the fast paced songs. Made for the lazy rainy days, “Song Request” slows you down and makes you reflect on the moments you fail to grapple with when you first encounter them (like the pain the girl goes through in the music video).

Both musically and lyrically, the song shows a new aspect of all the artists involved. It has a timeless quality that will make listeners come back to it, time and again.

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