Lee-zus disturbs Yeezus performance at Glastonbury


As Kanye West headlined at Glastonbury’s pyramid stage comedian Lee Nelson ran on stage wearing a t-shirt with ‘Lee-zus’ printed on it.  If you read Lee’s tweet he states he wanted to ‘Kanye Kanye’ by doing to him what he did to Taylor Swift at the 2009 MTV video awards.

In typical Kanye style his performance was filled by arrogance as he stated during the show that he is ‘the greatest living rock star on the planet.’ Most fans of Kanye would say he is a talented musician but far from a rock star. As he then went on to do a cover of Queen’s bohemian rhapsody, failing to mime the correct words, this has created a YouTube video which has also gone viral named West vs Mercury.

During Kanye’s performance he was raised onto a cherry picker. This links to the deceased star Michael Jackson, as Jackson was also raised to the top of his stage during one of his performances.  West seems to be echoing famous rock stars, such as Mercury and Jackson, in order to be seen as one himself. However, most fans and critics would deem West as a rapper.

Written by CelebMix