Leonardo DiCaprio versus The Oscar

Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the most popular and respected actors of this century.

His performances in Titanic, Inception, The Wolf of Wall Street, The Great Gatsby and Catch Me If You Can are commendable. DiCaprio’s movies have been gaining immense popularity among the mass. His choice of role and the perfectionist ways of stepping into the characters shoes is what has earned him his fame. In fact, as sources say, he even slashed his hands accidentally during shooting a scene in Django Unchained but continued to shoot without raising a brow.

DiCaprio has proven his versatility through the various characters that he has portrayed. Whether it is the smart and dashing lower class Jack Dawson aboard the Titanic, who won many hearts or the lonely millionaire Jay Gatsby; his performances have glued people onto their seats. His negative stances in Django Unchained have also earned him much appreciation and critical acclaim. One can say without any further doubt that Leonardo DiCaprio does choose his roles very carefully and never misses a chance to leave an impression on his audience. His performances have earned him various accolades around the world. From Australia to Dublin and Los Angeles to London, his performances have won him accolades globally.

Interestingly, even though this legendary actor has been nominated for the Academy Awards five times, he is yet to hold one in his hands. Fans and audiences from all over the world, wait every year especially during the Academy Awards to see whether their favourite actor has made it this time or not. Every time, in discussions and interviews wherever Leonardo DiCaprio comes up, the question of him receiving an Oscar Award haunts him like his shadow. His performances, his movies and his choice of role definitely makes his audience go gaga over his persona and they could not agree more that it is high time they would like to see him getting an Oscar.

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Written by CelebMix