Exculsive: Leslie Kay chats with us about DisneyBound

Leslie Kay was just like anyone planning to go to Walt Disney World in Florida, she wanted to have fun riding attractions but still look fashionable doing it. Behold DisneyBound was born! DisneyBound takes a beloved Disney character look into the 21st century and has turned into a major phenomenon!

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We got to exclusively speak with Leslie about herself and all things Disney!

If you were able to, what would you talk to Walt Disney about?
I would probably ask him about his creative process and most importantly, about his failures and how he picked himself up, dusted himself off and made something so magical. He is notorious for his inspirational quotes, my favourite being “You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” I’ve lived by that one—and I’d love to hear more about the times he was “kicked in the teeth”.

You are always asked who your favorite Disney characters are, but is it possible you have a least favorite, is there any one film you are not peachy keen on?
Good question! I love Donald Duck’s fashion. He’s actually one of my favourite DisneyBounds to see. I love meeting him in the parks as well…because he’s quiet haha. There isn’t one particular character I don’t like—but I don’t think I have ever or could ever sit down and watch a Donald Duck show/movie/short.

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Tell us about your tattoos.
I’m covered head to toe—recently starting and almost finishing a sleeve! Up until recently, none of my tattoos are Disney tattoos. Each tattoo has a personal meaning or a story behind it. Recently, I got my first two official Disney tattoos, both on my sleeve. One is the blue birds from Cinderella with a spool of thread which represents my love for Disney fashion and the other is a book with Snow White on it—to commemorate my appearance in a bonus feature on the Snow White DVD re-release for DisneyBound.

What is it like to be working directly with Disney?
It’s definitely something I never thought would be possible. Every project is a fun creative challenge and one I certainly don’t take for granted.

Any ideas as to what would be the biggest fashion trend this summer?
I would say the off-the-shoulder trend is one that I love and have been seeing a lot of. It’s fun, flirty and perfect for the summer! The perfect trend for Belle :)

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Best social media tips?
I would say—create unique content, post often and stay involved with your accounts. DisneyBound definitely wouldn’t be where it is today if I had a relaxed social media strategy. I made sure I was posting unique, new content daily.

Cakeworthy has such cute clothes! How did that come about?
Cakeworthy actually started a few years ago with my business partner Brandon Shedden. He started the brand and reached out to me one time to see if I would help to promote his brand. We came to find out that we actually lived less than an hour away from each other—just outside of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Fast forward to today—we are now partners in the company and working hard to grow it and just having a lot of fun with it.

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You have had Disneybound meet ups in the past. Any great fan stories you would like to share?
I think every meet-up is special. Being able to meet so many people and hearing their stories—they are all so unique and special to me. They are who I really make DisneyBound for.

What is next for you?
DisneyBound has some very fun projects coming up (which I can’t talk about ^_^). With Cakeworthy—we’re already planning our back to school and halloween collections. We have some really fun pieces coming your way!

Make sure you check out both DisneyBound and Cakeworthy!

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