Liam Payne Teases Snippet of New Song

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and think you’re still dreaming? Well, that just happened to us when we saw Liam Payne posted a teaser of his new solo work. Thankfully we aren’t!

Liam teased a snippet of his new solo work in an Instagram post only a few hours ago, that has already racked up to thousands of views.

The snippet only lasting about around a minute has a handful of lyrics with a nice R&B vibe. The lyrics alone are making us crave for more.

“I don’t wanna be left without this, I didn’t think that I’d ever find someone
I just wanna make it with you, yeah. All these other bitches here be trippin’
The way you walk in here’s so different, I just wanna make it with you, yeah
All the best things take a little time, take a little time, baby
This ain’t nothing take a little time, take a little time, baby
I just wanna get tonight and I promise I’ma make it right
I wanna make love to you , be on to you
So hard for you…”

Fans have been eagerly awaiting to hear anything from Liam since his confirmed solo deal announcement in July. Just recently he also announced an additional deal with Republic Records in American in conjunction with Captiol U.K. No word yet on if this will be a single or even included on the album or even the name of the song. Liam tweeted to let fans know he’s thinking about them.

Luckily, most of us are just happy to hear Liam’s voice again and cannot wait for more.

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Written by Lauren Ann Butler

Traveler, Music Junkie, Writer, and Dreamer.