Liam Payne Can Rap!

Have you been wondering what One Direction has been doing on their break? We got the answer just for you. Recently, we have seen pictures and videos of Liam hanging out with Juicy J in the studio together. So, we definitely know that Liam has been creating some music for us. With confirmation this morning, Liam decided to post a video on Instagram with what seems to be him rapping to a new song he wrote.

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Little Song I wrote for fun yesterday

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“Loving the way she turns you on. Switching the lanes like a Bugatti sport. Nothing but luck cause she got me involved. Yeah.”

As Payne posted the video, fans lost control. They were eager and excited to hear more from his project and the full version of the song. Here are some reactions from Liam’s rap.

Some even suggested a collaboration with someone special..hmm?

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how talented Liam Payne is. Not only can he hit all those high notes and sing flawlessly everytime One Direction puts on a show, we have now discovered that Liam Payne can rap! Can you imagine how incredible their new music after their hiatus will be if Liam raps in one of their song? Hopefully we get to hear more from you Liam!

Is everyone alright after hearing Liam’s beautiful rap? Will we get to hear more of the song and Liam’s solo project? Let us know what you think in the comments below or tweet us @CelebMix and @CelebMix1D

Written by CelebMix