Lilly Singh Makes HUGE Announcement on Jimmy Fallon

With over 9 million subscribers, Lilly Singh is one of the most popular YouTubers out there. To Team Super, Lilly is “Superwoman” on YouTube. Earlier this year, Lilly made her first appearance on the Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon. On July 22, Lilly appeared again and discussed her current projects.

Lilly’s interview began with a question about collaborating with Dwayne Johnson. She states, “The whole time I’m just trying to kiss him and trying to hug him.” Jimmy then learned how to do Lilly’s “Superwoman” handshake. She says that fans love doing it during meet-and-greets. Jimmy also asked Lilly about her roles in the Ice Age movie and about her campaign to end girl-on-girl hate.

Discussing The Collaboration With Dwayne Johnson

Then the time finally came for Lilly’s announcement! Lilly confirmed that she will be releasing her very first book! The book is titled, “How To Be A Bawse.” Lilly describes a “bawse” as a person who “doesn’t just survive, but conquers life” and “exudes confidence.”

Lilly Singh Announces First Book

You can pre-order Lilly’s new book at

Lilly also brought in her “parents” to meet Jimmy Fallon. In this hilarious sketch, Lilly dresses up as her parents as they offer advice for Jimmy.

Jimmy Meets Lilly Singh’s Parents

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Written by Michele Mendez

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