What is Lilly Van Der Meer’s Snapchat?

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Lilly Van Der Meer is an actress from Australia. She currently stars in the long-running Australian soap opera Neighbours as Xanthe Canning. Xanthe’s first appearance came in early 2016, when she appeared on Ramsay Street looking for her father, Gary, who was in prison at the time. Her grandmother Sheila took her in and she has been part of the family ever since. Her dad and mum have both since arrived to make amends with their daughter for their past mistakes. As well as this, she is best friends with Piper Willis and is now in a relationship with Ben Kirk after a few setbacks initially stopped them from getting together. Before appearing in the soap, she also starred in two short films – Black Betty and Off Track. As well as this she has a clothing line called Bohemian Gypsea.

To keep up to date with Lilly you can follow her on Snapchat.

What is Lilly Van Der Meer’s Snapchat?

You can follow Lilly Van Der Meer on Snapchat using lillyvandermeer.

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