Lindsay Lohan Is Making A Musical Comeback With “Walka Not A Talka”

It’s been over a decade since Lindsay Lohan released music, but she’s now back with Mýa and Snoop Dogg. The single is titled “Walka Not A Talka” and was originally an album track on Mýa’s 2007 album “Liberation”.

We knew a musical comeback was on the cards since she revealed in a live fan video that she was recording her third studio album. This was due to the fact that she owed her record label one final album. However, the last we heard, was that she didn’t want to clash with her younger sister’s musical intentions. Aliana Lohan’s EP is currently in its final stages, as of 8 December 2016.

Knowing Aliana Lohan’s musical intentions may have been why Lindsay Lohan has dropped this updated song. Aliana’s EP probably sounds very different than what Lindsay’s third studio album is becoming; therefore avoiding any sort of clash.

Listen to Lindsay Lohan’s “Walka Not A Talka” here:

The song was originally on Mýa’s 2007 album “Liberation” and originally featured Snoop Dogg, as well. So this is more of a cover version for Lindsay Lohan; just adding her vocals to this already released track. The song was originally written by Mýa Harrison, Lyrica Anderson, Evan Bogart, Calvin Broadus, and J. R. Rotem.

Not much is known about the single; according to the description, it has been released on Spotify.

Lindsay Lohan’s vocals are much more interesting than what they were in her previous musical releases. She’s connected with this song brilliantly, and means what’s she’s singing.

This new musical release has got us excited for her third studio album. She may have controversy in her life, but that is what can make her into a musical star. We await for more news; we presume that the new album will be released in 2017; let’s hope some original musical releases will precede it.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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