LISTEN: Next Stop Mars Create “History” With Third Single.

It may only be early April, but Next Stop Mars have already released three singles this year, toured with Union J, and are heading back out on tour with Chris Bourne this week.

Yesterday (5th April) they released their 3rd single ‘History’. It is slightly more pop than previous singles “Always” and “Bad Bitch”. The song is all about a night out that sounds pretty wild and living for the moment.

There is currently no word if History is based on an actual historical Next Stop Mars party. But we are certain that they are able to ‘party like animals’.

As always, Next Stop Mars’s fan base The Martians were out in force to congratulate the band and show their support.



In our expert opinion, this is possibly the best Next Stop Mars song to of been released so far. It certainly has given us a lot of excitement for the upcoming tour.

You can stream the song via Spotify as well as downloading it from iTunes, Google Music, and Amazon Music.

You can catch Next Stop Mars on Chris Bournes Identity Tour from 6th April up and down the UK, and hear “History” be played by the band (as well as other songs). And catch up with them on their social medias listed below.

Let us know by tweeting @CelebMix if you think Next Stop Mars will be making “History” with this party anthem.

Written by NikiSmith

I really like busted.