Little Mix Release Powerful Ballad ‘Nobody Like You’

Little Mix have been spoiling us with tons of songs off their upcoming album Glory Days. We have barely had enough time to recover from ‘Touch’, the catchy dance anthem the girls released yesterday. Today, the tone switched to emotional and vulnerable, with the release of Little Mix’s latest ballad ‘Nobody Like You’.

If you have pre-ordered Glory Days, the song will download instantly, and it is also available on Spotify. Here is the snippet Little Mix teased us with:

From the snippet alone, it’s easy to tell that ‘Nobody Like You’ is a powerful song that allows the insane vocal talent of each member of Little Mix to shine. After listening to the song in full, that statement holds true. The passion and vulnerability evident in each of their voices and the heartbreaking lyrics come together to create a near-perfect ballad.

It is obviously quite different to anything we’ve seen from Glory Days so far. The sass in ‘Shout Out To My Ex’ and the electricity in ‘Touch’ showcase a very different aspect of love than what this breakup song covers.

Here are what some Mixers are saying about ‘Nobody Like You’.

Many are pointing out Jesy’s vocals at the beginning of the song as being particularly vulnerable and moving.

Some fans are debating whether or not this song can take the crown from the legendary ballads off Get Weird, such as the iconic ‘Secret Love Song Pt.II’ or the underrated ‘Love Me or Leave Me’. Only time will tell where this song will rank among the long list of amazing Little Mix ballads. (We’re guessing pretty high on the list).

Don’t forget that Glory Days will be released this Friday, November 18th. If you can’t wait until then, the girls will be releasing their final instant grat track, ‘Down and Dirty’, on Thursday.

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Written by Annemarie Cutruzzola

Canadian arts & culture writer and journalism student.