Little Mix, Troye Sivan, One Direction and more are presenting their own BBC Radio 1 Christmas shows.

Yes, you’ve read that correctly and we are just as excited as you are! BBC Radio 1 is having its very own Christmas special called ‘Radio 1s Superstar Playlist’.

On Christmas Day each artist will have a one hour slot to spend on BBC Radio 1 playing all of their most favorite Christmas songs.

Along with Little Mix, Troye Sivan, and One Direction there will be other artists and actors such as Demi Lovato, Maisie Williams, and The Vamps will be involed. What better way to spend your Christmas than to hear these amazing artists play all of their favorite jams for you?

Speaking about the event, One Direction has said: “The best present this Christmas will be coming round to Alice Levine’s and sharing the day with the Radio 1 listeners”.

The Vamps have also added: “We’re so excited to give the BBC Radio 1 DJs a run for their money by taking over the decks on Christmas Day playing our favourite choooons and chatting about reeeally important things like snow, turkey vs beef debate and presents. Come party with us at 6pm. The playlist is mega!”

We feel you Vamps, and we’ll sure be listening!

Starting at 1pm the playlist will be kicked off by One Direction. We think this is the best Christmas present we’ve gotten in a long time!

If you want to see the schedule for the program you can check it out here:

1-2pm:Radio 1’s Superstar Playlist with One Direction
2-3pm: Radio 1’s Superstar Playlist with Demi Lovato
3-4pm: Radio 1’s Superstar Playlist with Troye Sivan
4-5pm: Radio 1’s Superstar Playlist with Little Mix
5-6pm: Radio 1’s Superstar Playlist with Maisie Williams
6-7pm: Radio 1’s Superstar Playlist with The Vamps

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