Little Mix’s Get Weird Review, Part 1

It’s been two years since Little Mix delighted us with their masterpiece “Salute”. Now, after endless months, the wait is over.

Get Weird is their third album and the professional reviews so far have been extremely good.  It deserves nothing less! The album is a total jewel; every song is special and wonderful in its own way. Would you like to check them out with us?

Put your headphones on so you don’t lose a single part of this delicious record, and let’s start.

Black Magic: “All the girls on the block knocking at my door” is the powerful line that opens the album. We’ve had heard this song before, in May specifically, when they released it as the first single. With a sound that’s so much more pop than “Salute”, Little Mix gives a great introduction to the album. It’s catchy and a huge throwback to 90’s pop music, do we have to mention the so peculiar “Heys!”’ through the whole song? Yes, we have to. “Take a sip from my secret potion” the girls themselves have said self-confidence is that “secret potion” – good message girls! Nice opening, but this is just the beginning- the songs only get better from here.

Love Me Like You: Second single, as good as the first (if not better). The 80’s influence is obvious from the first note; starting with a sweet “Sha la la la” this song simply catches your attention. The strong bass fits perfectly with their high notes. The lyrics talk about trying to replace your ex, realising that no matter how many special traits everyone else has, no one can compare to that person. However, it has been said, this is a censored version where the “f” word has been replaced with “love”, anyway the message remains!

Weird People: One more we’ve heard before, and once again, the 80’s influence enters the room. It has a sick beat and deserves to be a single. Here is the line that gives the album its name: “We’re gonna get weird all night” and that’s it: “let’s get weird”. Let’s be ourselves without worrying about what everyone else thinks, or how weird they think it is. People will always judge but you shouldn’t worry about what they say – just be happy being you!  “It don’t matter who you are, you can be who you wanna be” yes, these girls are doing it again.

Secret Love Song: A duet with Jason Derulo!  I don’t know where to start with this song, personally my favourite on the album. Jesy’s voice penetrates your soul from the very first moment, the chills are real. With their voices you just have to close your eyes and enjoy! So many feelings hit you right in the bone. Perrie’s powerful voice is always amazing, but in the moment she harmonizes with Jason – man – iconic. Miss Nelson’s high note is one of my favourites ever and the wonderful song ends leaving you with tears in your eyes. It’s possible to cry just for the beauty of a song, and believe me, this is one of those songs. When the album leaked a few days ago it didn’t take too long for people on Twitter to start talking about how Little Mix had made a LGBT anthem. It talks about a hidden love.  Apparently where one of the two are already in a relationship, perhaps it closely relates to a situation that is encountered more these days; loving someone while being in the closet. The chorus throws heartrending questions “Why can’t you hold me in the street? Why can’t I kiss you on the dance floor? I wish that it could be like that, why can’t we be like that?” If they release it as a single, YES, OF COURSE is gonna be an iconic LGBT anthem, and not only people of this community will relate to it.  Every person hiding their love will be able to. Some people have actually told me their stories and how they relate so much to this song it’s heartbreaking. It’s a desperate scream for not hiding love anymore and wanting to show it to the whole world, because nothing beautiful should ever be hidden.

Hair: First no-single release from the album. “Hair” immediately wakes you up from the sea of emotions (and probably tears) “Secret Love Song” threw you in and gets you in the mood for some dancing. Even if you only move your shoulders, you’re definitely gonna dance. There was a rumor about this song being about Perrie Edwards’ ex, Zayn Malik. That shouldn’t matter, this is simply an ode to that ex-boyfriend that didn’t want to appreciate you or everything you did for the relationship.  It’s about showing him that you’re fine and that you always knew he wasn’t worth it: “gotta get him off my hair”, you get up and carry on better than ever. “And when you see him in the club just flick your hair, don’t show him any love, ‘cause you’ve had enough”.

Grown: Co-written with Jess Glynne (who also provides some vocals), we’ve heard “Grown” before on that amazing performance at Apple Music Festival, if “Hair” made you wanna dance, that was nothing compared to what you’re gonna want to do it now. Sticky, sticky, sticky. This song talks about independence, about not giving second chances to someone who didn’t want you before, because you’re independent and strong without them. Since the Apple Music Festival there was some complaining from the fans because of this not being a single, and the truth is, this NEEDS to become a single. We won’t trust Little Mix’s team ever again if this doesn’t happen.

I Love You: A soft pop ballad that, once again, reminds us of all those grand songs of the 80’s (this album is very 80’s, wonderful). This track feels like traveling through the air in complete peace, at least where music is concerned. The girls attack again with the feeling and power of their voices, the background vocals give the song that strong feeling, but it stays deliciously slow and emotional. Lyrics are about having a broken heart, but still deeply loving that person with every piece. I think the line “I just wanna know how I can save me, even if these three words choke and take me, baby, I love you” sums up everything perfectly, we couldn’t say more. Charming on every note.

OMG: The first thing that comes to mind is Charli XCX, not because she’s helped on the song, but because it sounds a lot like her music.  Proving once again that Little Mix can not only do everything, they can do it right. This one is more electric, like a party tune, the “Oh na na” part will get stuck in your head for a long while. The lyrics are kinda similar to Britney Spears hit “Oops! I Did It Again”: “Oh My Gosh, I did it again, he said I broke his heart, it keeps happening”. It’s a song that should be played at clubs, something new and different for the girls, as amazing as the whole album.

Be sure to check out part two of our Get Weird review to see the remaining songs on the album and what we thought of them!

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Written by CelebMix