Little Mix’s Get Weird Review Part 2!

On Friday, November 6, Little Mix released their third album-Get Weird! Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jesy Nelson have been working hard on this album, even cancelling the North American leg of their Salute tour to focus on it; was that all worth it? One word- YES!

Get Weird is everything you expected and more from the foursome. It’s different from anything they’ve done, which makes it very hard to even compare it to their previous work, Salute. Get Weird‘s all about character and personality. These girls have never been ones to hop on the bandwagon and follow trends. They aren’t afraid to embrace who they are and experiment, which is what this album’s all about.

This is the second half of our Get Weird review!

Lightning Remember DNA? Well, we just found its long lost sister. When you first hear the song, you may be surprised since it’s such a slow-down number, but BAM – an unexpected hit of EDM is mixed in the chorus. It hits hard, due to the striking difference from the previous snapping of fingers and a subtle beat. We honestly have no words for the song because it is that good. If you haven’t listen to it, well WHY NOT?!?

A.D.I.D.A.S-  All Day I Dream About S**. What a cheeky, cheeky song this is! The song certainly defines Little Mix’s maturity. How? Well little miss Jade Thirlwall here is singing things along the lines of ‘iced you a cake but that ain’t what you ate.’ One cool fact you may not know about A.D.I.D.A.S is that it was said that Drake help co-write the song! Maybe that’s why he’s in it too, “We been busy doin’ all 50 Shades, while we listen to Drake. We on that hot love and emotion.” Also, can we just appreciate the fact that this song reminds us of the 60’s and Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” vibe put together? A.D.I.D.A.S will be one of the songs you can’t get out of your head because of its catchy beat, snapping, piano, and the naughty lyrics that they managed to make sound cute. The fact that this song comes right after Lightning – a dark song, is just fun – you get our point. Also Leigh-Anne’s rap?!?! This girl group can do everything!

Love Me or Leave Me- Every ballad ever done by Little Mix makes us all feel something deep inside and Love Me or Leave Me is obviously one of them! It’s one of those songs that instantly grabs and demands your attention. Each girl has their shining moment, leaving you breathless and heartbroken as you step into their shoes and hear their story. Can we talk about Leigh-Anne for a second? Her solo broke my heart the most because you can feel the rawness of the emotion and how the lyrics imply to our lives.

The End- Finally, we are blessed with the studio version of The End! Where do you we even start? Well this song reminds us a lot of a relationship needing to end. It’s not benefiting anyone especially the girls, the love isn’t worth it so they must end it. Their harmonies in this song is out of this word. We have nothing to say other than the song is beautiful. The End really focuses on their vocals, not the tune or the beat. It makes everyone listening look carefully at the lyrics and the situation one goes through during a relationship that has gone wrong. Perrie’s high note in this song actually took my soul and did magical things to it because I never wanted it to stop. We were very disappointed when the song finished because we just wanted more and more and more. The End = acapella wonder!

I Won’t- “I’ll never let it go cause we can do this on our own.” This is the first track on the deluxe album and can we just say, what a song! You can tell just how strong the girls are together with “I Won’t” as they declare that they’re not about giving up. Then all the clapping during the chorus is way too catchy to let go. A very good song to dance around to and sing at the top of your lungs.

Secret Love Song Part.II- We love love love love love love this one but can’t actually type anything for it because we can’t see through the tears. From the beginning to the end, beautiful job Little Mix! We would just like to say that we would definitely accept more than two parts to this song because it’s perfectly stripped-down and bursting with powerful emotion. Listening to this song just reminds us that their voices are insane. Special thank you to Leigh-Anne and Perrie’s beautiful duet on the last chorus. Definitely one of our favourite from the album!

Clued Up- And here we have one of the most anticipated songs off the entire album, because its co-writer is none other than Jessie J! This could explain why lyrically it’s wonderful! It’s the only song off the entire album with just an acoustic guitar- isn’t that cool? “To love the good and live the bad.” We think that Clued Up is one of the most relatable songs on Get Weird. “Just make the best of what you have.” It talks about accepting our differences and just being grateful of all the things we have. The guitar mixed in with their voice really calms you down while listening. Well done girls!

The Beginning- Yes! Another acapella on the album! The Beginning, perhaps is one of the most lyrically powerful song on the album, because it’s all about the girls reminding us that they still have so much more to give to the world. Not only that but to show that their musical journey is far from over….it’s just the beginning. Can we also talk about this line, “They turned us strangers into closest friends.” Little Mix are by definition cuties, and every time we hear those lines it just melts our heart because it reminds us of how they started out as individuals becoming one.

Overall, Get Weird is out of this world! You will not be able to skip any songs on this album and it wouldn’t be a surprise if they get nominated for a Grammy because they’ve worked so hard on it. Little Mix are so talented and they know how to work with music, their vocals, and harmonies together. There is no way this album will flop. Cheers to the new album and the Get Weird era. Order it now today on iTunes and Google Play Store!

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Written by CelebMix