LIVE REVIEW: Alice Chater is a pop revelation at The Camden Assembly

Alice Chater kicks off her first headline tour with a pop extravaganza for a sold-out Camden Assembly crowd. 

As the 24-year-old bounds onto stage to the plucky opening of apocalyptic hit ‘Tonight‘, one thing is very clear – traditional pop music is alive and kicking. An hour of catchy tracks harkens back to Britney Spears and Madonna in their heyday, with a smattering of breakthrough Lady Gaga for good measure. Amongst the hits there are flicks, kicks and spins galore as Chater only stops from a split-second to gulp some water, “hydration nation” she jokes with a fan.

For Alice Chater, the big name comparisons come frequently, but the exciting thing is there’s something more here. “Looks can fool you, baby I’m a trick” the pop star warns during the infectious ‘GIRLS X BOYS’. Appropriately so too as the innocent-looking 5′ 4″ star’s vocals pack a punch, ricocheting around the venue’s walls during a surprise cover of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’. Chater has cards up her sleeve.

During the night, the singer gives time to some unreleased material, the soaring ‘Breathe’ probably the pick of the bunch. With a quarter of an hour left, Chater has saved her best for last. ‘Thief’ comes with full choreography, the pop star tightening her belt beforehand in preparation. A final flourish comes in ‘Heartbreak Hotel’, a sassy moment met with great voice, before closing on 2018 hit ‘Hourglass‘ with a sparkle.

The most mind-blowing thing about the night is the fact that Alice Chater is only at the 400-capacity Camden Assembly. This is proper pop music that you just can’t pass up. The hype is real.

Are you seeing Alice Chater on her headline tour? The pop star now plays Birmingham’s O2 Institute3 and Manchester’s Deaf Institute. Let us know @CelebMix on Twitter. 

Written by Toby Bryant

Journalist and pop head.

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