EXCLUSIVE: CelebMix chats with Alice Chater at BST Hyde Park

If you’re a lover of true pop music and in need of a new pop princess, then you need to be listening to Alice Chater.

Combining true pop sounds with natural lyricism, bundles of emotion and an enormous amount of star quality, Alice Chater has captured the attention of music lovers and critics alike. Earlier this year she released her sensational single ‘Thief’, an emotional yet bright sad-banger, and we can certainly say ‘she’s stole our hearts just like ‘thief’.

Last Friday, Alice Chater opened the Summer Stage at BST Hyde Park. We caught her performance and were left more than satisfied with her perfect pop anthems, carefully crafted choreography and shining stage presence. Her energy and innate live vocal ability took her already incredible songs to new heights, leaving us, and the rest of the audience, wanting more.

We sat down backstage with Alice just before her performance on the Summer Stage and discussed new music, Little Mix, what it means to be a triple threat and more.


We know you’re a huge Céline Dion fan, how does it feel knowing you’re performing the same show as her today?

It’s seriously emotional, the thought of even meeting Celine makes me cry because she’s been so special to me and my family growing up and I’ve always sung Celine Dion so to think that I’m actually supporting Celine Dion is just bizarre. it hasn’t sunken in yet if I’m honest it just doesn’t seem real.

From previous performances of yours we can tell you love to put on a show, what does it mean to you to perform and be a 360 artists with creative control?

It means a lot…. I feel like I’ve grown up watching triple threats such as Beyoncé and Christina Aguilera and what I personally love is going to a show and seeing someone perform and put everything into that show as if it’s their last. The feeling that you get from the crowd when they know you’re killing it and completely putting everything into it is such a wonderful feeling and It’s really important for me to try and put on a show which is as good as it can be, putting everything into it because that’s what I’ve adored since I was little, Arena mentality always.

I know you’ve involved in the music industry since you were a teenager, do you still get nervous when releasing new material?

Completely. I’m a very anxious person and I’m a bit all over the place but I feel like the stage is the only place where I feel in control but apart from that, I’m a bit erratic. I definitely get anxious before a song comes out because I want people to like it and feel something from it.


And about your time in the music industry, You’ve been mentored by Will.i.am and are good friends with Jade from Little Mix what’s the best piece you’ve received from either of these?

I think with Jade, us pop girls do struggle a little bit because sometimes were seen as not being cool so I think there’s that constant struggle to prove ourselves but Jade’s always told me to stick to who I am and don’t ever try to change just to fit in the mould of what is ‘cool’ or happening right now. That’s really helped me for sure and the Little Mix girls are great because they’ve always stuck to who they are and always made pop and always produced great concepts, choreography and high-performance music videos and they kill it. They’re all extremely strong singers as well.

How does it feel to have such strong friends in an industry where females are often unfortunately pitted against each other?

It feels amazing. It’s difficult because when I was younger I suffered from bullying so being in a big group of girls I would always feel left out and that I couldn’t be myself and I’d always feel like I was on the edge of the circle rather than in the circle. it’s really lovely being in the industry and having people like Jade who is a female and who is so supportive of me because she didn’t have to be that supportive but she was a genuine fan and liked me so I think it’s wonderful and I would do the same if I was in her position.

You mentioned feeling lonely and being a bit of an outsider if you are having an off day what’s your favourite thing to do to lift your spirit?

I just make pasta, order Papa John’s cookie dough and watch Netflix.

What’s been your highlight of this year so far?

My highlight so far this year will probably be today because Celine is my idol so to be able to do this is bizarre.

Lastly, what are you most excited about for the rest of the year?

I’m very excited for new music and just releasing more songs which I have, but none of the world has listened to so were all hyped up about it but no one has heard it so I’m so excited for new music and music videos. The next music video is going to be epic and I actually came up with the concept.


This Week Alice announced a mini-tour taking place later this year, Tickets are on sale now and are available from her website.


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