Liza Jane explores the strength of women in her debut EP “Unbreakable”

Liza Jane in 2022 is confident, unapologetic, hopeful, and inspiring! Personally, she is still working on herself and her happiness every day but she is grateful and blessed for the experiences she is making.

“Professionally, it is going great,” Liza expresses to CelebMix at the top of our chat about her debut EP. “Playing these songs [off the EP] live to truly bring them to life is a dream. The EP Release party at Avalon Bardot with Brian Viglione on drums (Dresden Dolls/NIN/ Violent Femmes) just made everything that much more exciting.”

It feels amazing to see all of the hard work on this EP pay off and that the world can finally hear the music that I am proud of! — Liza Jane on the release of her debut EP

‘Unbreakable’ is about women who go through a lot in life and are warriors, survivors, and fighters, regardless of what life throws at them.

“It is meant to uplift and inspires others,” Liza says. “There are songs that go into the darker moments, but I try to show that there is always hope and the ability to be “Unbreakable”.”

Throughout the process of this release, Liza has learned that it was difficult being patient and that she needed to be more mindful and realize that everything happens in divine timing.

There is no doubt that the six songs in the EP say exactly what Liza wanted to say. Liza put her blood, sweat, and tears into this EP and she truly believes she is “Unbreakable” per se.

We [Liza and her team] continued this process no matter what obstacles presented themselves because I am proud of the music and wanted to share it with the world.

With this release, Liza wanted to express how those experiences made me feel so that anyone who listens to my music knows that they don’t have to feel alone.

“I want the lyrics to comfort them,” Liza continues. “I want to dive even deeper into the darkest parts of my emotions and continue being transparent in my lyrics about what is going on in my life and how I feel.”

The creative process was similar to her previous work, but she went more in-depth with herself and wrote the lyrics and melody first. Sometimes the lyrics came to Liza and then she played the chords on the piano and vice versa.

Liza details the process: “When I moved to LA, I recorded these songs with producer Gemini Muziq. He introduced me to other established songwriters and a rapper named “Young Miller Tha Don” who rapped on my song ‘Carry On’, which can be heard on the “Unbreakable” EP.”

While there are six songs to choose from – the recommendation is you should go from beginning to end – Liza recommends “Don’t Bring Me Down”, which is a fun EDM dance song!

The theme of letting go of toxic people in our lives and being able to say “let me be free” just brings out this feeling of relief and joy. I think listeners will have fun dancing to this one (and watching the lyric video!)

Now that Liza’s piece of work is out, she wants listeners to remember that they are not alone that those bad things in life do not last forever and that they too are ‘Unbreakable’.

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