DISCOVER: Loïc Nottet Releases “Mud Blood” Music Video

After hearing this song on LoÏc Nottet’s debut album – which is beyond amazing – we just knew this would make a brilliant music video. He must’ve heard our thoughts because he definitely doesn’t disappoint. You need to watch this beautifully crafted visual that we can only describe as one word – ART!

This Edouard Valette-directed music video showcases two sides of LoÏc Nottet; a dark side and a light side. We watch as he performs an interpretive dance that gives us one incredible story.

Watch LoÏc Nottet’s Music Video To “Mud Blood” Here:

A mirror separates the good LoÏc to the bad LoÏc. As the song suggests, we all have demons, “demons stuck inside our blood”; clearly the evil LoÏc Nottet is the demon, and he controls the good guy every now and then but he puts up a good fight and doesn’t let the demon win; coming up with a plan that defeats his demon.

We love this story and it is one killer music video; however, the album is a total must-listen from start to finish. Make sure you check out our album review on Selfocracy.

We love this music video and we hope that he releases more visuals for his amazing songs on Selfocracy. As the album is total perfection.

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Written by Jonathan Currinn

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