Loreen’s New Album Might Be Closer Than We Think

Rejoice, all of you who are lovers of good music, because we have great news to share with you about one of the most interesting artists that ever set foot upon the holy stages of the Eurovision Song Contest. Yes, we are talking about the beloved Loreen.

It’s been quite some time since the acclaimed winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 shared new music with her fans but according to recent pictures the singer posted on her Instagram page, this tragic situation might change soon.

After being forced to wait for almost three painfully long years for a follow-up to her grand debut album “Heal”, her fans are now able to breathe again as new details about the upcoming project, titled “Paper Light” as far as we know at this point in time, emerged.

Scandipop, a UK blog that solely focuses around spreading news about Scandinavian artists, tweeted on their Twitter account the official picture of Loreen working in the studio with the same production team that co-wrote last year’s Eurovision winning title ,”Heroes”, as well as many of this year’s contenders for the Swedish spot (such as the pop-tastic “My Heart Wants Me Dead” by Swedish Idol-winner Lisa Ajax as well “Don’t Worry” by Ace Wilder which was strongly believed to win the Swedish selection for their contestant).

Eurovision Winner Loreen Is Back In The Studio 1

Loreen has also shared pictures on her Instagram and Twitter page of her working in the infamous Peter Gabriel studios as well as posts that include thank you notes to the French producer Yuksek, who previously remixed tracks for artists such as Lady GaGa, Lana Del Rey and Katy Perry.

The lead singles, “Paper Light (Higher)” and “I’m In It With You”, were already intriguing on their own but after seeing all of these great collaborators, we are even more thrilled to see how Loreen’s sophomore album will turn out to be.



Written by Heiko

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