Loren Allred Inspires Her Listeners to Advocate for themselves in “Perfect”

Brooklyn-based multi-platinum artist Loren Allred just dropped a stunning pop track entitled “Perfect.” The singer/songwriter, who originally made her mark on the music industry with her phenomenal performance of “Never Enough” from the Grammy award-winning film The Greatest Showman, continues to capture the hearts and minds of her listeners with her impressive lyricism and shining vocals.

In “Perfect,” Loren narrates embracing one’s flaws and freeing oneself from the need to be perfect all the time. Loren confides, “The song was inspired by my experiences trying to please everyone, and realizing that in the process of trying to achieve the moving target of perfection, that I’d lost myself. Reaching the place of knowing that you should only compare yourself to who you were yesterday is so liberating. I’m happy to be imperfectly ‘Perfect’! “

The song really connects with the listener, and through Loren’s vulnerability, she guides others towards a healthier self-image and a more empowered, confident way of living. When you accept your own path and show gratitude for how far you’ve come, it doesn’t really matter if that’s good enough for someone else, as the only person who should be keeping score is you. The song’s musical components are fluid and engaging, complete with flowing, harmonious vocals that soar with raw sincerity, a powerful hook, and an undeniably catchy melody. The song has all of the attributes of a great pop song, which showcases a bright new chapter for the artist.

Late last year, Loren Allred released two debut singles, “This Summer” and “Your Girl.” Her third single “Perfect” is the next in line as part of her upcoming EP Late Bloomer, which is set to release in late September 2021. Aside from writing and recording, the accomplished artist is also touring with opera master and legend, Andrea Bocelli, for his North American tour this year.

Listen to Loren Allred’s new single “Perfect” and don’t forget to tweet @CelebMix what makes you “imperfectly perfect.”




Written by LeahBlack

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