Loren Allred’s “This Summer” emits optimism in a time of despondency

Currently in the midst of a global pandemic, devastating forest fires and social injustices, it is easy to fill yourself with feelings of doubt and despair. Though it may seem for many as if all hope is lost, singer-songwriter Loren Allred, shows us that there is one thing we have still got and that is our innate ability to love.

Her latest single “This Summer” explores this concept in a deeply insightful way. With lyrics like, “Just close your eyes. Pretend for while. The world’s not on fire and we’ll be alright,” Allred is illustrating the undeniable power of affection and how it can help to mend even the most abysmal of circumstances. Radiating with warm, ethereal vocals that glide atop gentle guitars, the song builds up to a powerful chorus preaching her message of kindhearted positivity.

The track is an ode to a time of pure sunshine and joy, clouded by the sting of a world in crisis.  Allred reveals, “‘This Summer’ is my love letter to everyone around the world that felt as lost and isolated as I did. Even when I felt like the world was on fire, I couldn’t help but hope that love was on the horizon. As summer comes to a close, I hope this song gives you as much comfort as it gave me. Please accept this as my heartfelt thank you for your unending support.”

This stunning Brooklyn-based artist is best known for being the singer on the Greatest Showman standout hit “Never Enough”. It was that remarkably, striking track where her vocal poise truly shined, solidifying her place as a force in the music industry. Even Grammy-winning sensation Michael Bublé became enthralled by her exceptional range and effortless control. Take a listen to the passionate anthem “This Summer” exploding with unwavering assurance.

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Written by ChloeRobinson

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