Lou Teasdale Joins Girl Power Gang Alongside Gemma Styles

Earlier this week we told you that Gemma Styles joined Girl Power Gang, an initiative for girls to empower and help other girls! Lou Teasdale was recently announced as a member of the group and we have to admit – we want to join the ranks too!

Girl Power Gang is not only a lovely idea, but a necessary one.  In a day and age where most people find it easier to put each other down than help build up and encourage one another, the idea of people setting out to put an end to that is incredible!  Young women are constantly held up to incredibly high standards of beauty and self worth and sometimes girls forget how wonderful they are when they’re just being themselves.

Lou’s entrance to Girl Power Gang was much like Gemma’s as she was asked what the Lou of now would tell herself 10 years ago if she could.  Her response was to the point and showed how much she values her career and pursuing her dream, but how important it is to make sure you focus and put in the extra work where you can, and should.

Lou Teasdale Joins Girl Power Gang Alongside Gemma Styles 1

The advice I would give myself 10 years ago is, learn as much as you can, I wish I’d salon trained, massage trained, nail trained, tan trained, all of those extra skills that would allow me to be better at my job. I think when you’re younger you have your focus and stick with it, but looking back, I think I could have spent my time more efficiently. @louteasdale 

Girl Power Gang keeps growing – every couple days there is a new young woman added to the line up with great advice to themselves 10 years ago, fun style, and a lot of pride.  These young women are easily becoming beacons of hope for other girls who want to stand up and be proud of who they are too.

Lou Teasdale has many claims to fame, but one of her most documented is her work as a stylist for Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall – known world wide as One Direction.  She’s not only been their stylist, but a good friend to the lads, and she’s also become an idol of young women who look up to the band and the people closest to them.  She shares a lot of her life and style on her own Instagram and her Snap Chat profile too.

Keep up with Lou and Girl Power Gang for more as this project truly begins to blossom – it’s a good one, we promise!

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.