Louis Tomlinson Absolutely Wows the Crowd at #Key103 Live

Fans of Louis Tomlinson have been anticipating his performance at Key103 Live for weeks now, and with good reason. Louis himself has taken to social media a number of times with his own excitement for the big day.

He was working with his band, preparing to take the stage for the first time together, and it felt right to him. In all honesty, it probably felt more solid to him as well. While two of his solo songs have been absolute tunes, they’ve featured his good friends. So fans were thrilled when he released a track, not set to be a single, just a song he wanted fans to hear titled ‘Just Like You’.

Solo Louis sounded confident and ready to make his mark on music outside of One Direction, and that idea is only enforced after he absolutely owned the crowd during last night’s concert. He was on fire as he danced around the stage, sang the lyrics with the emotion and depth they require and revealed another part of himself that we’ve not yet seen – at least not in this light.

In addition to performing Back To You and surprising fans with Little Black Dress, Louis debuted his new single Miss You which hits radio in two weeks. The lyrics are still being fine-tuned by those in the crowd and fans at home who’ve listened to the song almost religiously now, but the gist of it is very obvious.

Louis spoke recently about wearing a mask for some of his life, partying on and acting like it was all fun, but at the end of the day, or as the song says – when the lights go on – he realized that it wasn’t him.



We’re dancing on tables
Till I’m off my face
With all of my people
And it couldn’t get better than this

We’re singing till last chorus
And it’s all out of tune
Should be laughing, but there’s something wrong
And it hits you when the lights go on
Sh–, maybe I miss you

We’re already obsessed with this song and it’s made us even more excited to hear the rest of the album if that’s possible. The songs aren’t going to be a diary, by any means, but Louis hopes that fans understand him a bit more after listening to track after track.

Miss You gathered some strong reactions out of fans too, as they commented on the style of the song, his strong vocals, and how he even seemed to rap in bits of it. One thing we love most about the break One Direction took is that they’re all exploring their musical interests and coming up with such diverse music.

What was your favorite part of Louis’ performance? Let us know.

Written by Ashley

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