Louis Tomlinson announces release date for Kill My Mind

Louis Tomlinson is coming for all his fans minds, as he announces the release date of his latest single Kill My Mind.

Louis took to social media to announce the date the world would get to hear  Kill My Mind…. Thursday 5 September.

The Two of Us singer, also took to Twitter to reassure fans who had aired their views on the fairness of a competition which gave UK based fans the chance to take part in a mystery filming session with Louis on Friday morning( 30 August), in London.

Showing that he is essentially the human equivalent of Big Brother and see’s virtually everything that his fans are talking about he assured them that he had seen what they were saying:

  I hear your frustration about opportunities for fans outside of the UK. It’s something I’m reminding management and the label of over and over again. You have my word that from here on in it will feel more inclusive!


In another nice gesture to his fans, his team at LTHQOfficial announced that Louis’s new twitter header to support the single was a piece of fan art created by a fan named Susanna.

You can pre-save Kill My Mind here.


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Written by Kelly McFarland

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