Louis Tomlinson Asks For Help Finding Nigel Knights

Louis Tomlinson always uses his large social following to help benefit the lives of others, it’s part of his extremely kind and generous heart.  On May 15th, Louis proved that again when he tweeted out a link urging his fans to share it and join in helping find retired teacher, Nigel Knights.

Nigel Knights went missing on Monday from Rochester, Kent after leaving the supermarket that day.  It’s been said that Nigel was carrying no cash, no phone, and no keys or jacket. Posters have been pasted around town in hopes of aiding the public in recognizing the man if they were to see him in passing.

With the town already searching for him, hopes are high that Nigel will be found and now with Louis’ following on social media also sharing the tweets he posted and spreading the word for the need for help, Nigel and his family have the entire world on their side.

Nigel’s family said that Nigel is currently unwell so time is sensitive in finding him.  Louis sent out two tweets in less than 12 hours about Nigel, and both have been shared thousands of times.

Hours later, Louis followed up with a thank you to his dedicated fans and people around the world who have shared Nigel’s story.

If you’d like to join Louis and Nigel’s family in the search to find him, please share the Finding Nigel Facebook page and you can also share Louis’ tweets!

We at CelebMix are sending love and light to Nigel’s friends and family and hope he is found very soon.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.