Louis Tomlinson Brings Awareness Back to Niamh’s Next Step

Through the years, One Direction fans have been made aware of many charities and families in need of positivity and well wishes thanks to the kindness and generosity of Louis, Niall, Harry, and Liam. One of the best things about being a fan of the band is the way you are given many ways to make a difference by taking part in the organizations that the lads get themselves involved in.

One of the names you’ve heard, if you’re a fan of One Direction, is the name Niamh.  Niamh was a sweet little girl who was diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2010 following a scan due to a urine infection, meaning – her cancer was found by accident.  Through her journey, Niamh stayed strong and was an inspiration to her family and friends – we asked her father what they would tell the world about Niamh if they could, their response was heart warming.

“If we could tell the world one thing about Niamh it would be that ‘Niamh’s job in heaven is to paint the rainbows so every time anybody sees one to think of her and say hi.’ She is our inspiration.”

Niamh’s parents started a drive to help her get treatment while she was alive, unfortunately, her journey on earth ended before she made it to the US.  Her family wanted to keep her legacy alive and help other children who suffer from the disease and their families so they kept Niamh’s Next Step going after their daughter earned her angel wings.

The strength and courage of her family caught the heart of Louis Tomlinson’s mum Johannah and in turn, Louis’ own heart. Johannah has been an inspiration to One Direction fans for the way she shares her heart not only with her own children, but children all over the world who are in need – it speaks volumes that Louis comes from such a strong and giving foundation.

Louis and his mum invited Niamh’s family to a One Direction show in Birmingham and Louis had gift bags ready for their daughter Hannah and her best friend Bronte – they all got to watch the show and meet the lads and Louis’ family.  Louis tweeted them after the show and within a week, Johannah agreed to be a patron for Niamh’s next step.

When we spoke with Niamh’s father, it was clear that their family was incredibly strong and brave, so it’s easy to see why Johannah agreed so quickly to help spread their message of hope and help to as many families as possible.

On May 20th, Louis tweeted about Niamh’s next step – bringing light to the charity again with lovely photos of Niamh and a statement about her legacy.

One Direction NDA set up a charity drive in honor of Johannah’s birthday and while that drive has ended, you can still donate directly to Niamh’s charity and visit their website to learn more about Niamh’s story, Neuroblastoma, and how you can change the lives of families all over the world by spreading the need for research and a cure.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.