Breaking down the walls

Louis Tomlinson continues breaking down the walls with his fans

Chapter 3 of Louis Tomlinson‘s Breaking Down The Walls video series has been released on his Youtube channel, and this time it focuses on the live shows he’s done so far and his feelings about his vocal and passionate fanbase.

Talking about recent shows and how many streams his songs have had on streaming platform Spotify, the We Made It singer discussed how he’s conscious and aware that his music isn’t necessarily something that would get tons of streams but because of ever-loyal fans supporting him they extremely well. (We’re not too sure we agree with him here, we think he’s selling himself and his musical ability a bit short…but hey!)

He also discussed how he tries to find a balance between what he wants and what his fans want and is quite happy to find the middle ground that works for both parties, and he tries not to tip the scales either way as he’s aware that doing that can make things “complicated.”

With every video in the Breaking Down Walls series that Louis releases where he talks candidly about his career, it becomes very clear that aside from his clear talent as a lyricist, he is a guy that has made it his mission to learn everything he can about the industry he’s in and is now using what he’s learned to build himself a career as a solo artist which is built on little more than his honesty as a writer and to be as authentic and open with his rapidly growing fanbase about his creative process as he can be.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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