Louis Tomlinson is breaking down walls

Louis Tomlinson is breaking down walls, in the second video of a series released on his Youtube channel. The series is an insightful look at the We Made It singers creative process when it comes to making music videos and his upcoming debut solo album Walls.

In the videos, Louis sits down for a pint and a chat with Radio X’s Gordon Smart. In this video, they discuss shooting the singer’s music videos with director Charlie Lightening. What’s cool about the videos as they show how much depth Louis has a creative individual, and through these videos, you get a real sense of how Louis sees himself as an artist and what he wants for his career.

The videos also make us even more eager to get our hands on his highly anticipated album. We mean who needs Christmas when we have Louis releasing new music in 2020?

Louis’s discusses in the video, which features a lot of footage from the weekend he spent in Southend, shooting his music videos, how his previous single Kill My Mind was a “statement of intent”, and it was an “advert for the album.”

He also discusses his favourite track on his album is the title track, Walls, as the opening and the closing lyric of the track get him every time. He also admits the opening lyric is “pretty heavy.”

Nothing wakes you up, like waking up alone!- Walls, Louis Tomlinson

Louis will be going on tour in 2020, you can check out all the dates here.

You can also pre-order Walls here.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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