Louis Tomlinson has released We Made It: The Directors Cut

Louis Tomlinson and director Charlie Lightening have released We Made It: The Directors cut. A video by Charlie which showcases their work together.

Lucky fans at a special event at the Youtube Space in London got to take part in a Q&A with both Louis and Charlie where they discussed working together and the creative process for the videos they’ve worked on together.

The directors cut edition of We Made It charts the creative journey that Louis and Charlie have been on together while creating the visuals for all Louis’s singles off his album.

They began working together on Louis’s first single off Walls, Kill My Mind, which became the first of a three-part story arc that played out over the subsequent releases Don’t Let It Break Your Heart and We Made It.

As a director and photographer, Charlie has previously worked with Liam Gallagher on his film As It Was, which has recently been nominated at the NME Awards in the best film category. He has also photographed Paul McCartney.

So get comfy, turn the volume up and enjoy the combined creative genius of Louis Tomlinson and Charlie Lightening because its an absolutely brilliant watch, that pulls you in and shows the narrative in more depth and really draws you into the story.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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