Louis Tomlinson, Harvey Hext, and A Journey of Indescribable Love

Louis Tomlinson spent 2015 painted as One Direction’s resident bad boy and it was heartbreaking, to say the least, for fans to endure.  Louis has done nothing in his time with One Direction, and his life before, that warranted any of the unkindness, the blatant disregard for his heart, or the vile rumors spread that speak nothing but untruth about his spirit.

On the contrary, Louis has given himself without question to anyone he comes across that needs a helping hand, whether that helping hand be in the form of company, kindness, money, or just a smile; he’s always prepared to enhance the life of anyone who comes to him with a shine that’s been dulled by life and circumstance.

Haven’t we said before that he’s an angel on earth?

Louis’ biggest charitable involvement in 2015 was definitely his time spent with Believe In Magic where he hosted a Cinderella Ball for sick children; taking them out of their lives that held more pain than comfort and treating them to an afternoon they’ll never forget.  Louis may have only transformed into a Prince Charming for the day but his fans haven’t imagined him without the title since, most believe he was deserving of it long before as well.

If you asked any fan of Louis what his shining moment would be, you’d be in for a long discussion – fans can’t pick just one thing that stands out above the rest that truly make him a humble, loving, compassionate person.  It’s in the way he carries himself, it’s in the way he’s careful with the stories that fans trust him with, it’s in the way he smiles at you genuinely like he’s taking in who you are when you’re in front of him.  It’s the way he’ll give without asking for, or wanting, recognition.  It’s the way he’s never concerned with moving forward unless he can help someone else on their journey too.

Louis is indescribable, and in a recent story told first by The Inquisitr, it’s proven once again that his love, his unfailing love, truly deserves credit for making this world a brighter place.

On December 7th, Louis posted this tweet in memory of a young man named Harvey who fought a long hard battle against Neuroblastoma and ended his stay on earth.

Harvey, his twin brother Spencer, and their family were introduced to Louis through his lovely mum Johannah.  In December of 2014 Louis funded and put together a London Zoo Party through Believe in Magic, Louis had to attend The X Factor on the date of the event so he wasn’t able to be there in person.  Louis was gutted to miss it but Johannah stood firm in his place and greeted the guests, heard their stories, and formed inseparable bonds.  One of those bonds was with Sarah, Harvey’s mother, who says Johannah connected with her son’s immediately.

“Jay came over and introduced herself and I think Harvey and Spencer stole her heart there and then.  Only a twin mum can really understand the impact that losing one twin could have on a family and, of course, Jay having two sets of twins made her fully qualified to understand my fears.”

Johannah kept in contact with Sarah and let her know of Louis’ desire to help support her family.  Harvey was one of the guests of honor at Louis’ Believe In Magic Cinderella Ball, where he also arranged for their family to stay at the Langham Hotel in London.

On top of the Cinderella Ball, Harvey and his family (among 10 others) got to go on the trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris with suitcases full of clothes, a hotel stay in a magic palace, and Harvey’s sister Olivia has been treated as well, every step of the journey.

When Louis, Harry, Niall, and Liam performed their London shows; Louis invited Harvey and his family to attend as his personal guests.  Louis and Jay were sent a video of Harvey and Spencer singing Best Song Ever in the vehicle and upon their arrival to the hotel, Louis laid microphones on the bed of each of the boys as a special treat – not just a novelty item to hold their attention, but something special, something individual, something for them.  Louis’ kindness truly knows no boundaries.  Harvey and his family got to go backstage, have access to the green room if things got too tough – which they didn’t – and make incredible memories for Sarah and her family to hold on to forever.

Sarah says that Johannah and her two daughters Daisy and Phoebe spent time with their family as Harvey’s time grew short and were willing to go above and beyond again to create a winter wonderland in their garden for Harvey, but his spirit was taken too soon.

Sarah shared her story with The Inquisitr because, like us, she was sick of seeing Louis’ name so harshly misrepresented in the media and wanted the world to know of the kindness he extended to their family expecting absolutely nothing in return.

If you consider who Louis is, and how long he’s been in a place to help others, you know that this is just one story, of hundreds like it, that the media will never know.  Perhaps it’s better that way, his kind heart, generous nature, and compassion for people are too lovely to be tainted by a media that does nothing but sell such fallacies against him.

Louis Tomlinson has been named sunshine personified by his fan base, and there is new evidence every single day that supports that notion.  There is also so much truth in the phrase ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’ as we see his lovely mum stand beside him so proudly through everything.  While she’s done so with nothing more than a smile for the majority of his time in the spotlight; she made it clear to fans recently that he deserved so much more than what he’s given every single day by the media – and we agree.

It takes an angel – someone who is a gift to this world – to stand strong, tall, and continue to shine through dust, dirt, and harmful allegations that are thrown at them.  It takes someone who has a heart larger than his body to continue to love despite being told that who he is stands undeserving of the emotion.  It takes someone beautiful in a way that extends beyond the physical to keep providing to a world that greets him with such a cold shoulder.  It takes Louis Tomlinson to keep the world as bright as it is, to keep people as grounded as they are, and to remind all of us that at the end of the day if you’ve enhanced the life of one person – even if that kindness isn’t returned to you – then you’ve truly lived.

Thank you, Louis for the heart that you have, for the unconditional love that you show to people who do, and more importantly, do not show it back to you, and for providing fans of One Direction with a haven to be safe for five years.  Thank you for being a beacon of light, of hope, and of inspiration for all of us.

And thank you, Johannah, for sharing Louis with all of us; for standing beside him when he’s strong, and holding him up when he needs a lift.  Thank you for seeing what some people try to wage against him, and trusting those of us who have seen his character to stand up for him.  We are a changed group of people because Louis exists – and he is the man that he is because of you.

If you want to show your support for Louis, Harvey, or a few of the other charities he’s worked with closely; please do so as a sign that you stand beside Louis, beside his character, and that you vow to love just as genuinely as he does.

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Fly High Harvey, and thank you, again, Louis for being the caring, genuine, and lovely soul that you are.


Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.