Louis Tomlinson Leading Candidate For Starring Role in Film About Jamie Vardy’s Incredible Life

Back in January, news first broke that Louis Tomlinson may be headed to the big screen and not just for any old role, but starring as England and Leicester football player Jamie Vardy in a film about his incredible life!

Louis is said to be the leading candidate for playing Jamie and we honestly couldn’t think of a better fit for Louis’ first big time film role!  Louis has obviously had a heart for the sport and he’s also paid attention to Jamie specifically in the past.  With Louis’ natural talent for both footie and acting (trust us, you know you’ve seen it too), we will be begging our local cinema to have a midnight release of this film if Louis does end up as the star role.

Filming for the movie won’t begin until after Euro 2016 because film-makers want to wait until the summer tournament wraps up to see if there will be more good fortune to add to Jamie’s story.  We’re banking on a yes, he’s incredibly talented!  Another thing that Jamie and Louis have in common is their passion for what motivates and drives them.  If you watch any interview with Jamie about football, you see his dedication to the sport and how much he lives it.  Louis has this passion about his career with One Direction but about football as well.  The two are like minded when it comes to working hard to achieve their goals.

Producer Adrian Butchart said this to Sportsmail: “We are keen to shoot the movie as soon as possible, but we are now going to have to wait until after the Euros to know where the story ends as these unbelievable events continue to unfold.  There are two things that seemed impossible a few weeks ago, Leicester to win the Premier League, and England to win the Euros. But with every match, fiction and reality seem to be coming together, the story keeps writing itself.

Some work has already been done on the film as far as getting a feel for Jamie, his hometown, and his story as Adrian spent time in England to research Jamie’s life and ended up being in attendance for his amazing goal against Liverpool.

We are rooting for Jamie and the rest of The England Team in the Euro 2016 and hoping that Louis decides to take on this role, it’s an incredible story to tell.

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Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.