Louis Tomlinson is Keeping us Excited with his posts about New Music and his Album

Louis Tomlinson is keeping fans on their toes with tweets and posts on Instagram that are all leading up to his next single, a music video, and an album which he’s been working hard on. After the massive success of his song with Steve Aoki, ‘Just Hold On’, he took some much-needed downtime to not only continue working on his solo music but to make sure he was getting rest and taking care of himself and his family.

‘Just Hold On’ is the type of song that has lasting power, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t all been anxious to hear what’s next for Louis. There are a lot of rumors swirling around as to who he could be working with, what sound he may be going for, and when – but all we know for sure is that Louis is excited, and that makes us even more appreciative of who he is.

We all know that he spent too long getting overlooked, as far as his voice is concerned, and it’s been evident in things he’s said – even recently – he lost confidence for a while. Seeing him believing in himself, in his music, and in his sound is all we could ask for as fans.

He also posted a photo on Instagram of a shoot he did recently, and well, that’s another thing we’ve been asking for. Louis is STUNNING, seriously (all of the One Direction guys are). We love seeing them in comfortable everyday wear but when they’re all dolled up, they kill it.

Now, the boys have an…open definition of the word soon, because it’s been over a month since he did that shoot, but we’re being patient. Or trying to be.

He’s also posted a few things on Twitter that show just how excited he is for his solo music and we’re getting a new video. If you’ve been paying attention to social media, you know that it was shot in his hometown and there were a lot of different outfits and locations involved. He even invited kids to work on the video too. We’re sensing something extremely sentimental, we’re ready (with tissue).

Then there was this one.

Needless to say, we’re as excited for Louis’ new sound as he is to let us hear it, and it was revealed yesterday that he signed with a label under Sony and RCA, so we’re looking forward to all of this happening soon.

What are you hoping to hear next from Louis? Are you as excited as we are about the new video? Let us know.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.