Louis Tomlinson Talks Evolving as an Artist with Highsnobiety

When One Direction announced their hiatus, the eyes of the entertainment world were upon them. It’s not to say they weren’t before, but this time, it was different. Fans wondered what the future would hold while non-fans wondered how they’d ‘fizzle’ out. One thing was certain though, it would be hard to imagine any of them without music.

So it came as no surprise that each of them embarked a solo path. Niall released his debut song first, followed by Louis, then Harry, and finally Liam. They’ve embodied different sounds, taken different approaches, and brought their incredible talent back into the industry in new and exciting ways.

For Louis, the road isn’t what fans first expected, nor what Louis himself anticipated, but now that it’s here, we can’t imagine anything else. At first, he had no drive to go solo – but he was writing songs and in the midst of it all, an album was born. His first solo single, Just Hold On, will mark a turning point for Louis. His follow up Back To You with Bebe Rexha marks another, and it’s all part of his musical evolution.

He recently spoke with Highsnobiety about everything from that evolution to what One Direction means to him. The interview focused on music and his future, two things fans want more than anything to hear about, and included a killer photo shoot.

First, they asked about his evolution as an artist.

How do you think you’ve evolved as an artist compared to where you first started?
I’m constantly learning as a songwriter, so naturally, that makes you grow as an artist. But I also think the more time I spend in music the more time I feel I understand it, or at least I understand where I stand amongst the industry and my identity within it all.

Then, they asked about his first solo album.

What can we expect from your first solo album?
The album is very honest and very real. A frustration that I’ve had recently is that a lot of songs that I listen to draw on scenarios that aren’t very realistic, so I just wanted to do something that was more down to earth. And I think my fans, who already know a lot about me, will learn something new.

Louis also got the opportunity to once again talk about working with Steve Aoki, which he still holds in high regard.

What was it like working with Steve Aoki?
Working with Steve was amazing. He’s a very inspiring person and artist. It was really great getting to know him. And he has a great team, everyone made me feel really comfortable. It was also really nice to experience what it was like in the dance world that Steve operates in.

Among other questions, Highsnobiety asked about scrutiny in his personal life, to which he replied, it is what it is. He uses it to push him forward.

With such a huge spotlight drawn on you at most all times, how do you reckon with such intense scrutiny in your personal life?
To a certain degree, the scrutiny is irrelevant. A lot of people might get caught up on what people are talking about on Twitter or not looking perfect in a specific photo. But in reality, the only thing that matters is that the people who do like it actually like it, and that you’re getting good feedback from them. Scrutiny is also going to be part of the job, and it kind of is what it is. You can also use scrutiny to inspire and propel you forward.

The interview in its entirety can be viewed here, as well as the stunning photographs that you’ll definitely see circulating on social media soon. As always, we’re happy to be such massive fans of Louis and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Written by Ashley

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