Louis Tomlinson talks Solo Music and Incredible Fans in recent interviews

Louis Tomlinson has always been incredibly vocal about his love and gratitude when it comes to fans of One Direction. He, as well as the rest of the lads, learned at the beginning that they were part of something special. That something special has carried on as the boys have continued to take part in solo projects. Louis and Steve Aoki’s song ‘Just Hold On’ became a fast anthem for fans across the world, and the two have been riding its wave since December.

Recently, Louis did a couple interviews where he talked about his solo work, working with Steve, and his charm when it comes to writing music.


In the interview, Louis reveals that he’s working on choosing a second single, that he loves working with Steve and getting to admire his luscious locks, and that in his writing, fans get to know him better.

Well, I’m gonna keep writing, and I think part of the charm of my writing is it’s very honest, lyrically. So, the fans will be able to get to know me even better than they already do.

In a number of interviews recently, Louis has spoken about how his fans are the greatest in the world. He credits his strength, confidence in his vocals and songwriting, and his success to people who have supported him since day one.

As fans of Louis and of One Direction, we cannot wait to see what blossoms out of this hiatus. Especially for a boy who was never credited enough in his effortless talent. He’s got all the love and support and, in Johanna, a piece of heaven on his side. He’s already proven himself to be an unstoppable force, he’ll continue to show that to the world.

Louis is definitely taking his time, but working hard, on picking a new single. He’s been in the studio recently with names like Rozes and Lunchmoney Lewis. There’s no doubt that whatever comes next for Louis will be incredible. He deserves it.

Written by Ashley

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