Louis Tomlinson Teases Fans with Snippet of Unreleased Song on Instagram

In the days leading up to the debut of Louis Tomlinson’s single Back To You with Bebe Rexha, Louis would tease snippets of the song on social media. Fans would eagerly anticipate new video clips on his Instagram story that gave away just enough of the song to keep us all interested but not enough to give the story away.

Once Back To You was released in full, it blew up and has only continued to make a statement in the industry. It’s an absolute smash.

In addition to the incredible song, Louis has been doing a lot of promo for the tune where he’s talked about everything from working with Bebe to his personal life and, most importantly, what’s next for him in the world of music.

He admitted that he wasn’t sure he ever really had plans to go solo, but that once he began writing the songs and falling in love with them, he decided to go ahead with his own album, and we can’t say enough how proud we are of him for that decision. He’s grown a lot since One Direction was formed, and in interviews, he said he was feeling his most confident in the months leading up to their hiatus.

So it means even more now that he’s also found strength on his own, that he realizes the power of his voice and his songwriting and that he’s trusting himself enough to go all in with an album that’s unlike anything we’ve heard from him before.

However, he hasn’t given us a release date for that album or any word at all on a next single or new track. He’s still heavily into Back To You promo and quite honestly, the song deserves more time to gain new audiences and bring listeners to Louis who may not have given him the attention he deserved before. Plus, we need more live performances from Louis and Bebe soon.

Seriously, how great was that?

Now, that doesn’t mean that Louis is just going to let his fans rest. No no. Instead, he signed onto Instagram moments ago with yet another snippet of a song, this time, an unreleased track, and asked fans if they’d worked out the lyrics yet moments later on Twitter.

The song is on his Instagram story, but you can hear it in the Tweet below as well.


The lyric, if you haven’t worked it out yet is ‘I went to Amsterdam without you and all I could do was think about you.

So, we know three things now.

  1. It’ll be an emotional tune.
  2. His voice sounds so soft, and that’s our favorite.
  3. We aren’t ready at all for his entire album, we can’t even handle a few seconds of this song!

He answered a fan on Twitter and said he doesn’t think this is the next single, ‘maybe tho’, and he didn’t give the tune a name. So we aren’t anticipating learning much more about this specific song until his album is released – but we’ll totally take more video clips whenever you’re ready Louis.

Did you hear the snippet when Louis posted it to his Instagram story? Are you as in love with it as we are? Let us know.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.