Louis Tomlinson wins First Solo MTV EMA Award for Best UK and Ireland Act

When it comes to fans of Louis Tomlinson, no feat is too great to achieve. From buying and streaming songs to get them to number 1 and voting for him to win awards, they don’t give up. That attitude comes from Louis himself and his ability to keep going, no matter what tries to stand in his way.

So when Louis was nominated for the MTV EMA for Best UK and Ireland Act, fans jumped into action. There were hashtags and multiple posts across social media encouraging others to vote for him, too. While the other acts in the category were incredible as well, there’s something special about Louis and the bond he has with his fans.

All of that voting paid off as it was announced that Louis won the EMA tonight.

He posted a thank you video for his fans on Twitter and his gratitude and happiness were evident. When he speaks to his fans in his video messages, he always shows sincerity and credits them for helping him get to where he is today.

As longtime fans of Louis, it’s incredible to see the confidence and sense of self he’s grown into over the years. In an interview when his solo career began, he admitted that he didn’t want the break from One Direction as he was just coming into himself and feeling comfortable with his voice and on stage.

However, it looks like he’s been able to dive into new music styles and to really test his vocal range and it’s obviously done a great thing for him. He still has an incredibly passionate fan base willing to do whatever it takes to let him know that he deserves to feel that confidence and pride in his talent. He’s worked hard for it.

We’re sending him all of our congratulations and we can’t wait to see what’s next as his new single is just on the horizon. It’s a good time to be a fan of Louis Tomlinson, but isn’t it always?

Written by Ashley

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