Louis Tomlinson won’t face Criminal Charges for Airport Attack

After a fight broke out in March that left Louis Tomlinson in the middle of an undeserved media scandal, some resolve is on the horizon and it looks like Louis won’t be facing legal repercussions. Rumors of a fight involving Louis and Eleanor Calder hit the internet before anything else did. With that, people were left trying to piece some of the events together.

Before video and photo evidence were posted online, fans of Louis were in complete shock. What he was being accused of didn’t sound like him at all. Sources said he pulled a paparazzi down by the legs and hit a woman, neither of which had ever been hinted at ‘normal’ behavior by what we’d seen of Louis. He’s been familiar with the paparazzi after years in the spotlight and even after some photographers said gross things to him after the death of his mom, he was able to keep his peace.

It didn’t add up, and the video evidence just made it worse. Yes, Louis and the paparazzi hit the floor, but they seemed to trip up over one another. He didn’t appear – at all – to pull the paparazzi down. There was, in fact, a fight – but that didn’t exactly seem to happen like it did in the accusations either. Eleanor, who was traveling with Louis, was caught in a fight and no one was helping, so Louis went to pull the other girl off of her and that resulted, again, in people hitting the ground.

The video isn’t exactly clear, but it shows enough, and fans jumped to Louis’ defense, which was well deserved. Louis still hasn’t publicly spoken about the incident, but he’s not required to. He has been laying low since then, which is also something he deserves time to do.

Today, the LA County Attorney’s Office made a statement about what happens next. Originally, the other party involved said she’d be pressing charges, but after video evidence surfaced, the charges didn’t seem to have much merit. The March 29th court date was pushed back.

Following a complete review, the office has decided to set the matter for a City Attorney Office hearing. All parties involved will be sent a letter today setting a hearing date at the end of the month. Each of the parties will be interviewed regarding the incident and advised of the law and ways to avoid similar incidences in the future. Typically there is no further action taken by our office after the hearing, though we do reserve the right to file charges up to one year from the date of the original incident should additional information or future actions require additional measures.

Louis hired Martin Singer to help him with this case, and Singer had his own statements about the incident.

The paparazzi provoked and caused the altercation that occurred with Louis. It’s not the first time that a paparazzi has created an altercation with a celebrity. While the altercation was going on with the paparazzi, three other individuals were attacking his girlfriend during this incident and he came to her defense.

When coming to someone’s defense is seen as an attack while invasive paparazzi are seen as victims, there is room for change in the way celebrities are viewed. Just because someone is of circumstance, doesn’t mean they have to be ‘on’ or ‘acting’ all the time. Celebrities should be able to fly, shop, go out, or even fill up a tank of gas without being harassed. They’re human and everyone deserves respect when it comes to personal boundaries.


Written by Ashley

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