Breaking down the walls

Louis Tomlinson’s Walls climbs to number 1 again on iTunes charts worldwide

Yesterday evening saw something utterly beautiful and perfect happened. Louis Tomlinson’s debut album Walls climbed it’s way back up to the top of the iTunes charts in over 20 countries 8 months after it’s release.


Released back in January Walls is the first solo offering from Louis since One Direction went on their rather extended break. It was a highly anticipated album which did not disappoint.

Full of relatable bangers that hit hard. From the catchy Kill My Mind to the spine-tinglingly beautiful and emotive tracks Only The Brave and Two of Us, which showcase Louis’s unique voice and ability to inject such emotion into what he sings, and fan favourites Always You and Habit It was a solid and interesting introduction to who Louis wants to be a solo artist. And we cannot wait to hear more from him.

Walls built on what he was known for in One Direction, his absolute talent as a lyricist. He is a guy that knows how to use words to craft songs that have deep and intensely personal meanings to him but also be open and ambiguous enough that the listener can relate to and connect to their own lives and personal situations.

Upon it’s released back in January Walls debuted at number nine on the US Billboard 200 making it the first new album in almost nine years to hit the top 10 on the chart. for the newly re-established Arista Records which is now run by David Massey.

The album is also the third best selling debut album in the UK for 2020 so far, having debuted at number 4. It was a joint release between Sony’s Arista Records, the now-defunct Syco Music (Simon Cowell‘s former label and partnership with Sony) and Louis’s own 78 Productions.

Walls jumped over 1000 places in iTunes charts across the world, reaching the number 1 spot in a matter of hours, thanks to his fans.

It highlighted just how good his album is. It also showed how he has the unconditional love and support of his fans who trended it on social media. Louis’s fans are extremely loyal and dedicated, they share a close bond with the singer who goes out of the way to thank his fans and return their love and support by interacting with and including them as much as he can in his career. He calls the relationship they share, teamwork. Last night proved that he and his fans make a truly remarkable and powerful team.

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Written by Kelly McFarland

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