The Valentine Effect

Lucille Croft Releases New EP ‘The Valentine Effect’

Australian electronic artist, producer, singer-songwriter, DJ, and creative director Lucille Croft introduces her brand-new EP, The Valentine Effect.

According to Croft, The Valentine Effect is “a psychological experience that listeners can interpret in their own way. I wanted this EP to really get you thinking – about life and death, and everything in-between.”

She goes on, “I’m so excited for this world I’m building – with storylines, character, and more, that you’ll be able to immerse yourselves in.  An escape for some, a home for others, the Valentine Effect is my next step towards this. You want to know what The Valentine Effect is?  You’re experiencing it…”

The Valentine Effect follows on the heels of Croft’s debut EP, Patient X, released in 2022, revealing a persona fashioned by Croft to articulate her experiences as a woman in the music industry – a channel enabling her to push back. In less than 12 months, Patient X collected more than 5 million streams, along with features and interviews in elite media outlets.

The EP begins with “You’re Experiencing It,” traveling on eerie, edgy tones conveying stark, dreamy colors dripping with existential-like analysis of the nature of reality. Croft’s speculative voice imbues the lyrics with exploratory tangs.

Talking about “Bury Me in Leather,” Croft shares, “It entails all of my favorite things – leather, blades, pleasure, 808s, a little drum & bass. I’ve been using my voice more in my music so I can better bring the characters in my songs to life, and I really love the persona in this song.”

Thrumming with industrial leitmotifs atop a thumping kick drum, “Bury Me in Leather” surges with dark, heavy coloration and resonating, spectral vocals.

“Taste of Violence,” at once pulverizing and petrifying, pushes out heavy, rumbling washes of black energy, drenched in Croft’s spine-chilling, Medusa-like vocals.

The final track, “Embrace Chaos” rolls out on unsettling layers of nerve-wrangling, frenzied surfaces, discharging thick, visceral, almost primeval, textures.

Like something out of a cosmic Neronianism, The Valentine Effect offers a bravura glimpse into the divergent uncertainty of actuality.

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Lucille Croft on Tour:

3/8-9 -ItsTheShip! Singapore

3/10 – Perth, AUS

3/17 – Melbourne, AUS

3/14 – Beyond Wonderland, San Bernardino, CA

3/26 – Ultra Music Festival, Miami, FL

4/7 – Montreal, QC

4/8 – Washington D.C.

4/14 – Phoenix, AZ

4/21 – Brooklyn, NY

4/22 – Atlanta, GA

5/5 – Portland, OR

5/6 – Salt Lake City, UT

5/13 – Albuquerque, NM

Written by Randy

Randy Radic is a Left Coast author and writer. Author of numerous true crime books written under the pen-name of John Lee Brook. Former music contributor at Huff Post.