One Direction Fans Trend #LuckyToHaveLouis and We Got Totally Emotional

Fans of One Direction are nothing if they aren’t strong, selfless, driven, and compassionate.  Louis, Harry, Liam, and Niall have the most supportive fan base in the entire world and that was proven again January 4th when #LuckyToHaveLouis trended after a series of tweets from his sweet mom Johannah.

We’ve spoken time and time again about how 2015 was a media heavy year for Louis Tomlinson, and not always in a positive manner. There were articles upon articles published in print and online that painted Louis in a terribly untrue and negative light.  Fans of the band were subjected to the material as were non fans – the general public – who aren’t as aware of his kindness and unfortunately, many fell victim to believing the rumors.

More important and also heart wrenching was that Louis’ family was also subjected to the rumors, and had no choice but to bite their tongues through it.

This is part of the journey none of them signed up for but were given without a return policy.  It’s a cloak they have worn that has sometimes worn them but one that has always been dressed with a smile as they marched through days that brought more pain than happiness.

“I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality. This is why right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant.” – Martin Luther King Jr

Louis is an easy person to fall in love with; he emits a light that screams strength at the same time it whispers comfort.  Louis is determined to make the best of every situation he’s in – even if those situations are hard.  Louis sees an obstacle placed in his path and instead of looking for a new road to take, he finds a way to get past the interference.

He loves everyone he comes in contact with, always presenting with the best version of himself to anyone he meets.  He greets people who treat him with kindness in the same regard he greets people who treat him without it.  Louis puts bravery ahead of fear and love ahead of hate and passion ahead of complacency and those values are deeply instilled in who he is.

Those values are so deep in his person because of the people who helped him become Louis Tomlinson, the boy who shines brighter than the sun, and no one deserves more recognition for who he is than his mother Johannah.

Imagine being a mother and being unable to jump to your son’s defense at any second that you want to…imagine needing to jump to your son’s defense so often because people spread harsh untruths about who they are.  Imagine wanting nothing more to embrace your son in his moment of weakness but he’s millions of miles away; wanting to hug him during times that he falls apart and only being able to offer him your voice through a phone.

The strength Johannah shows every single day that she supports her son, the values she holds as she bites her tongue when people speak ill of his character, and the love she spreads to him even from miles away proves how important it is and always will be for her to have raised Louis to be an honorable young man.One Direction Fans Trend #LuckyToHaveLouis 1Imagine being a sister and knowing your brother is the most kind man in the world, but seeing him be exposed to unkindness every day.  Imagine being a sister and looking up to your big brother because of his strength and his compassion and knowing that people overlook his most important traits.  Imagine seeing him struggle with the heaviness he has to carry due to the falsifications he faces because he can’t speak out in his own defense.  One Direction Fans Trend #LuckyToHaveLouis 4Imagine wanting to defend him publicly but being unable to, for whatever reason that may be.  Imagine knowing that he was your hero growing up, that he’s your hero now, and that he’ll be you hero forever; but seeing the incredibly warped image so many people perceive of him. One Direction Fans Trend #LuckyToHaveLouis 3

This is the life the people who love Louis most have grown accustomed to…the people who want more than anything to see him greeted with the kindness he deserves have unfortunately had to sit back and watch the world be cruel to him – in turn watching the world be cruel to them too.

Imagine being a fan of someone who saved your life and hearing people speak so negatively of them.  Imagine watching them while they’re on stage singing their heart out and knowing that they’re the most precious person in the world; yet realizing some people will always otherwise.  Imagine seeing the kindness, respect, and love that your favorite person shows the world and watching the same world greet him with a cold shoulder, a condescending glare.

Louis Tomlinson has been called many things, and the ones that hold the most truth are sadly the ones that are largely overlooked and vastly underrated.  Louis is a hero, a friend, a brother, a son, a musician, a writer, a singer, a footie player, a best friend, a lover, he’s Lou, he’s an angel, he’s sunshine, he’s beautiful – inside and out, he’s brilliant, he’s savvy, he’s kind, he’s compassionate, he’s generous, he’s a team player, he’s an idol, but more than any of that; he’s a gift.

When fans trended #LuckyToHaveLouis today it was after an attack on his character that sparred his mother into speaking on his behalf.  The tweets she sent had some fans crying, some fighting alongside her for his defense, and others wondering how much more Louis, his family, and his fans could take.

One Direction Fans Trend #LuckyToHaveLouis and It Made Us Totally Emotional 1One Direction Fans Trend #LuckyToHaveLouis and It Made Us Totally Emotional 3

One Direction Fans Trend #LuckyToHaveLouis and It Made Us Totally Emotional 2

After Johannah jumped at his defense the tweets that followed from Louis’s fans were packed with emotion.  It seems that after five years of constant belittling, the kindness of his heart being questioned, and negative connotations surrounding even the positive things Louis does – everyone who loves Louis is fed up.

There are victims in this world, and there are fighters; and the Tomlinson’s have proven time and time again that they’re the latter.  No matter what unkindness they’re greeted with – they smile and show a welcoming heart, no matter what rumors plaster the front of magazines and websites about Louis – he continues to be kind, positive, and strong for himself and his fans, and regardless of what vile things are said about him – he laughs, he smiles, and he lives fearlessly in the capacity he can right now and does so with absolute grace.

Nothing can break Louis, nobody can drag him down. 

Even the strongest people need a pick me up sometimes and today Louis definitely got his.  There is something absolutely incredible about watching an entire fandom come together to bring up someone who’s brought up so many others by a simple smile, a wave, or for no other reason than how beautifully he exists.  There is something intense about a fan who defends Louis Tomlinson – it’s almost as if he’s rubbed off on them and their fierce loyalty is shown in every sentence, word, and syllable spoken in his honor.  There’s something almost magical about the way anyone who has been moved by Louis will stop at nothing to show the world what he truly deserves.

Fans have spent five years hoping, praying, and waiting for the day when freedom would truly belong to Louis, and with that day drawing closer the attacks against him have been more obvious, more hurtful, and more loaded – but the darkness before the dawn is nothing to be afraid of.

Louis Tomlinson wins, he overcomes, and he perseveres.  The people who love and support Louis – they win too – and everyone who’s listened to the blatant untruths about him will soon be able to see his gracious spirit for what it is; and they’ll be changed forever.

It’s impossible to be introduced to Louis and not be a different person afterwards.

So at CelebMix we are thankful for Louis too, and for the fans who back him tirelessly – your support does not go unnoticed.

Written by Ashley

Writer, coffee drinker, mother.