Is Luke Skywalker following in daddy’s footsteps?

The final trailer has aired. The tickets have gone on sale. But something is missing from J.J. Abrams latest Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens trailer…

J.J. Abrams was recently quizzed at the GLSEN Respect Awards by the Associated Press regarding the somewhat strange decision of not including Luke Skywalker in the latest trailer.

“It’s no accident,” he told the press. Adding more fuel to the already towering inferno-esque fire that is fan theories on the subject.

Could Luke be following in his father’s footsteps? His omission extends to both the latest trailer and posters for the film, prompting speculation ranging anywhere from the possibility of his tutelage to new villain on the block, Kylo Ren, to his role as retired mentorship figure; ala Obi Wan Kinobi.

Abrams tantalizingly continued: “These are good questions […] I can’t wait for you to find out the answer.”

The pre-ticket sales wrecked previous records, the trailer views are reaching a zenith of movie audience anticipation levels, the hype could not be stronger.

Has Luke donned the black cape?

Find out on December 18th when the film hits theatres.

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