What is MacKenzie Bourg’s Snapchat?

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MacKenzie Bourg is a singer-songwriter from Lafayette, Louisiana. During school he played basketball, but had to give it up after contracting a virus which cause him to have congestive heart failure. It was this illness that led to MacKenzie focusing all his efforts into music, and we are so thankful he did!

He first rose to fame when he auditioned for the third season of The Voice US in 2012. Coach Cee Lo Green turned for MacKenzie after hearing his rendition of ‘Pumped Up Kicks’. MacKenzie made it through to the live playoffs before being eliminated.

Four years later, MacKenzie returned to the limelight, this time auditioning for the fifteenth and final season of American Idol. He auditioned in Atlanta with a medley of the judges hits and sailed through to Hollywood. It was here where he performed his original song ‘Roses’ melting the hearts of millions. He continued to impress and made it all the way to the top four.

Following the show, MacKenzie’s song ‘Roses’ reached number 2 on the Itunes Top Songs Chart after being released by Big Machine Records. As well as this, he also released his song ‘Little Moon’ later in the year.

To keep up to date with MacKenzie Bourg you can follow him on Snapchat.

What is MacKenzie Bourg’s Snapchat?

You can follow MacKenzie Bourg on Snapchat using makcenzei.

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