Maddie Glass Gets Revenge in “Kiss Your Best Friend”

NYC based Maddie Glass is an enthralling musician/songwriter on the rise. Her music details everything from dating in your 20s to mental health struggles. Her latest pop punk anthem is called “Kiss Your Best Friend”.

In “Kiss Your Best Friend”, Maddie is upfront and honest about all the ways her lover did her wrong. Being blindsided after a breakup, she turned to what she does best to cope with the heartbreak, write music and try to find some humor in the situation. The artist confides, “I wanted to poke fun at the situation by writing a song with some “what-if” scenarios to even the score and lighten the mood. While I would never actually revenge kiss an ex’s best friend, although the opportunity tends to arise, the idea is amusing. The lyrics are relatable and it’s a really upbeat breakup song to listen to loud and sing out as you take your power back and realize they weren’t worth the tears after all.” “Kiss Your Best Friend” is an alternative rock meets pop punk single that thrills with every listen. Maddie’s unique vocal tone is passionate yet playful and overlays brazen guitar riffs and melodic bass lines.

The young artist has released two singles thus far with “Kiss Your Best Friend” being the latest off of her debut EP Thank you for Breaking my Heart. A raw and candid storyteller with charismatic vocals to match, Maddie Glass is an up-and-coming artist to watch.

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Written by Leah

Los Angeles based entertainment writer