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Maggie Lindemann Releases New Single ‘Human’

It’s been just under a year since Maggie Lindemann released single Obsessed, she’s now finally released its follow up single Human. Human shows a different side to the singer, going from the funky sass-filled Obsessed to baring her soul and inner feelings for the world to hear in the dark-pop track.

During the track, she opens up about her struggles with mental health and a feeling of disconnect from other people. Powerful lyrics such as ‘The voices screaming in my head about the things I most regret‘ and ‘I wish I was human. I wish I could see shit like you did. Where it’s sunny all the time, but it’s useless‘ set a darker, reflective scene. Singing of such an important part of life, the funky chorus still shows off our favourite bits of the singers sound whilst maintain emotive power. Having teased that this is the first track taken from an EP she’s been recording over the last year, we can tell there are more great tracks to come. This feels like a whole new era of Maggie Lindemann and we love it.

The video which you can see above, there’s a Halloween vibe throughout due to the setting being within a haunted house. Directed by Kajal and featurig Rickey Thompson we follow Maggie in some hauntingly gothic outfits as she makes her way around the house and for dinner with some intriguing contortionists. We’ve also noticed that once again Maggie’s single artwork features balloons except this time it’s a much darker, sinister theme than the pink, fun shown on the Obsessed artwork but still in keeping with her theme.

When speaking of the track she revealed “The song is about literally not feeling human. Doing too many drugs or drinking too much to take a feeling away turning you into someone who’s not yourself, not going out because you’ve secluded yourself from the world”. She continues to explain that her feeling about the song is around her own personal struggles with anxiety. With this being something many people whether fans or not can relate to she shares these words of encouragement “The things we struggle with can make us feel less human sometimes and I want people to know that I’m there with them and I feel you, but we’ll be okay“. We absolutely love the message behind this track, be sure to give it a listen below.

We’re so happy that Maggie Lindemann is back; what do you think of Human? Tweet us @CelebMix to share your thoughts.

Written by Nicola Craig

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