What Makes Harry Styles More Than a Human Being?

What is Harry Styles? Harry is a powerhouse, a gentleman, a live saver and most importantly, a human being. Harry is a human being but somehow he seems to go beyond that at times. He is the kindest, most genuine person alive, he is full of life, energy, and love. He is the epitome of beauty and represents the good in this world. He goes above and beyond all expectations for humanity. Harry is so many things and it would take a lifetime to gather all of the words to say about him.

Harry is a perfect, ethereal creature. He is breathtaking. You wouldn’t even need to look at the stars because his eyes shine brighter than them.  You could study him for hours and every time you thought you had everything figured out, something new comes along and you’re even more intrigued by him.

Harry is the kind of person that makes you want to write poetry for hours upon end, trying to fit every beautiful word on the page trying to describe him. No word is strong enough or gentle enough to convey what he is. He is the type of beauty that poets and authors write about, the eternal kind of beauty.

Harry is beautiful. He is beautiful in the way he thinks. He is beautiful for his incredible ability to make others smile. He is not beautiful for something temporary such as looks. He is beautiful deep down to the depths of his soul, extending through his veins and pumping through his blood stream. He radiates beauty and love and light.

Harry is the reason for so many smiles when there is nothing to smile about. He brightens the world and awakens the soul. He makes people fall apart in the best way.

Harry’s eyes. You can look into them once and see the pacific ocean in a spectacular shade of green, with the surrounding sand and deadly sea. You can see a near perfect array of stars arranged in the most gorgeous constellations.

Harry is art. Art isn’t supposed to be pretty, it’s supposed to make you feel something but somehow he manages to do both. He could have been crafted from the most delicate mineral on earth. His facial features designed to be soft and lovely, easy on the eyes but oh so enthralling. His eyes are made of emerald, the perfect shade of green. He is a work of art, a true masterpiece.

These are just a few deep thoughts about Harry. Of course there is more that could be said but there are only so many words that can be strung together to describe such an exquisite and pure human being.


Written by CelebMix