Mali-Koa Hood’s Most Stunning Instagram Posts

Singer-songwriter Mali-Koa Hood is well known for her incredible vocal abilities, being one half of the DJing duo Double Trouble, her blogging skills and also for being the older sister of 5 Seconds of Summer bassist, Calum Hood. Although she is dating a photographer, the 24-year-old herself seems to have quite the eye for capturing and posting stunning pictures to her Instagram. Inspired by her recent upload, we’ve compiled a list of the top 15 incredible shots the Maori beaut has shared with her Instagram following.

15. Cute to boot.

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The post uploaded on 2nd November shows fashionista Mali-Koa practically beaming as she rocks a wonderful outfit. Why we think this pic taken at The O2 Arena in London is stunning is because it demonstrates how the 24-year-old is not only beautiful, but absolutely adorable and charming.

14. Hammock hanging.

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In the hammock, snoooooze.

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Posted 16th October 2012 is a pic that sees Mali-Koa chilling in a hammock, trying to shade herself from the hot sun beating down on her. In doing so, the lighting makes her golden skin glow and shows off just how beautiful the then-21-year-old is.

13. Stunning Sydney.

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Not too shabby for a Sunday afternoon

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The post uploaded on 13th November 2011 has not gained many likes (only 369 so far). Yet, in it Mali-Koa documents the incredible Sydney scenery she got to experience on taking a relaxing boating trip one Sunday afternoon.

12. Waterfall wonders.

This stunning photo published to Mali-Koa’s Instagram nearly three years ago of her hiking with friends on a foggy Sydney day has only received just over 1000 likes. Despite this, she and her background have been captured in all their beauty and makes what we feel is the twelfth most stunning of all her posts.

11. Mother-daughter selfie.

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On 22nd December, Mali-Koa posted an adorable selfie-snap with her mum. Gaining 41.3k likes, the pic shows just how alike the two look.

10. Bok Choi blogging.

Since around September 2014, the 24-year-old has been writing some pieces on a variety of topics. And late last year, she launched her website, where she now features her blog posts. This artsy shot posted on 29th May to her Instagram captures Mali hard at work as she prepares a blog for her readers and an impressive meal for herself.

9. Sun, sea, sand and smooches.

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My favourite ? kid

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Shared only three days ago, is a sweet beachy shot of Mali-Koa and her boyfriend, Tom Payne, caught in a kiss. The beautiful scenery behind the loved-up couple is stunning itself to see but a pic that records just how much they adore one another just adds to it.

8. Family festive feasting.

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Jolly Xmaaaas

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Shared on Christmas Day 2014 is a post that has brought in a lot of popularity for Mali-Koa’s Instagram account. In the adorable photo of the “jolly” siblings at the dinner table, followers were also exposed to the bare torso of 5SOS member Calum Hood as Mali looks over at her brother full of smiles . The stunning shot is sure to be one they and their family will fondly look back on some time in the future.

7. Friendly fun.

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Worlds best companion. @gabbyrcp ??

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In at seventh most stunning snap shared to Mali-Koa’s Instagram is one which is effortlessly and most probably unplanned to be beautiful. The out of focus and blurry action shot, with a quite grainy effect most probably due to the low quality lighting, captures the singer happily spending time with her friend last March and is definitely one of her cutest uploads with 32.5k likes.

6. Forest filming.

Acquiring 37.4k likes is the artistic shot posted on 28th June 2015. The incredible upload sees Mali-Koa perched upon a tree above some waters in Victoria Park, London, where she recorded songs with pals the day before.

5. Park performances.

On 27th June 2015, Mali-Koa informed her following of her whereabouts, asking them to come down and join her as she promised to perform for and hangout with them. This awesome snap captures the singer standing by the Victoria Park landmark, the Burdett-Coutts fountain (originally known as The Victoria), with London’s clear blue sunny skies behind.

4. Plaits and planes.

The selfie Mali-Koa posted on 20th August 2015 as she waited to board a flight back to Great Britain is one that perfectly shows off how beautiful the singer-songwriter is. The stunning snap of the musician sees her sporting cool braids and simple make-up ahead of a busy day.

3. Best day, best friend.

It’s no secret that the Hood siblings are major dog-lovers; and this beautiful shot shared on 21st April last year of Mali-Koa and a pup named Balto with sun-rays shining down on them further shows this.

2. Staying hydrated.

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Staying hydrated.

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Beautiful girl? Check. Beautiful scenery? Check. This image shared on 15th August 2015 has been liked 31.4k times and shows Mali off on one of her many adventures; allowing her to snap a pic of yet another brilliant memory.

1. Angelic acoustics.

It goes without saying that the most stunning Instagram upload for Mali-Koa is the goosebumps-inducing, spine-tingling clip of the songstress gently belting out a few simple notes in a location with an incredible echo. As the short video shared on 23rd October last year shows, the acoustics allow for the soul elements of her vocal style to come to life perfectly.

We’re sure that Mali-Koa will share many more beautiful posts with her 514k followers but until then, why don’t you comment below or tweet us @CelebMix to tell us which of her uploads is your favourite?

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Written by CelebMix