MALKA unveils haunting music video for “Wonder Why”

MALKA releases intense and haunting music video for new single “Wonder Why”.

This London based singer-songwriter, who first made waves on the music scene as Tamara Schlesinger, the front woman of acclaimed alt-folk collective 6 Day Riot,  is best recognized for her works featured in a wealth of TV shows and movies such as Skins, Scream 4 and 127 Hours. You can also hear her voice in Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.

As a beautiful flower in constant bloom, she now channels all of her positive energy to MALKA.

With her music embellished with tribal influences from all over the world, she sends an affirming message: she is the powerful natural-born leader of a new feel-good cult.

The single Wonder Why is the singer’s first taste of new music after the release of her highly acclaimed debut album, Marching To Another Beat last year.

The Single

Wonder Why is definitely laced with Asian influences, particularly Indian. It starts off with a lively beat that would make you feel like you’re in a Bollywood film before MALKA’s smooth and rich voice comes in and completes the whole vibe.

The song never loses any grandeur all throughout. It maintains the festive air with variations in the tone that only makes it even more dynamic.

According to “The single screams with orgasmic alt-electro-pop authority displaying splashes of exuberant production, exotic and erotic, breathing brightly colour-fuelled fire over jungle running orchestrations.”

It is also described as “ambient in some places, alternative and healing in others, and submissive to the romanticism of the feminine enforced rock ‘n’ roll punch.”

Suggestions on when and where to play this enthralling song? Aside from “all the time” and “everywhere”, Wonder Why is a particularly perfect song during late study nights or whenever you need something that would liven up the atmosphere and just lighten up the entire room in a different and more exotic way.

Dark and haunting. That was our first impression on the recently released music video for Wonder Why. The atmosphere that it gives is similar to the that of American Horror Story: Hotel. There are certain moments in the video that would certainly leave an impression and would make you doubt the relation of the video to the song, at first but then you will realize that it complements the song perfectly.

  1. The bees that come out of MALKA’s mouth every time she opens her mouth to sing is both disturbing and enchanting. However, instead of being disgusting, it adds elegance because of the way the bees swirl around in mid-air as if they are ribbons.

  2. The faces behind the chains is another very haunting moment with four versions of MALKA’s still face behind dangling chains staring into the nothingness. This particular scene justifies the line in the song “I wonder who’s behind the lie”. The chains symbolize the lies while the four still faces, with one burning, symbolizes the “one behind the lie”. The bee that flies around it adds a more poignant vibe.

  3. The KALEIDOSCOPE. This part is just beautiful and hypnotizing. The colour transition and the formation of the patterns that still includes the singer’s face strengthens the tribal feel that the whole video and the song gives out.

After a 22-second Kaleidoscope show, it goes back to MALKA single face. As the song comes to an end, she is shown to be surrounded by dark, sinister-looking branches rather than the rusty-looking chains and locks in the beginning. And as it finishes, she is engulfed in puff of blood red smoke.

Overall, even if the single itself gives out a festive vibe that is a complete opposite to the dark atmosphere that the video holds, they still go perfectly together. It’s both minimalist and mesmerizing. Minimalist in the sense that it just showed the artist’s head without any fancy outdoor scenarios and mesmerizing because of the effects within the video and the song.

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Written by CelebMix